Proponents of the Black Lives Matter violent protests are claiming on social media that Jesus’ overturning the money changers’ tables in the Temple supports them breaking into, robbing and burning down buildings.

One such post that has 100K shares says:

“Destruction of property is not a valid form of protest”



Jesus made a whip one time, driving the dishonest money changers (like the worst in today’s Wall Street) who were cheating people out of their money *out of His Father’s house*. He didn’t destroy the building or probably even the tables. He threw the banksters out of His Father’s house, protecting His Father’s business.

This is the opposite of what BLM are doing.

They are illegally entering, destroying and even burning to the ground other people’s businesses, even black owned businesses.

Destruction of property is NOT a valid form of protest.

This grieves the Holy Spirit, and misrepresents what Jesus did and what He would want people to do during these protests.

This is more like the son of a business owner protecting his father’s business from the BLM rioters, which would be justified biblically.