Quotes from Mario Murillo on TruNews: God-Haters Using Coronavirus to Shut Down Churches Forever

I transcribed some quotes:

“The leaders of this movement are Marxists…. Their interest is not in racial equality. Their interest is in destroying. That’s why revival, the move of God, the outpouring of the Spirit is the tangible, undeniable alternative. Right now at this point, churches have to be supernatural, because we’re dealing with the Devil directly.”

“We’re in a place where what most desperately needs to be said is opposed from both sides. Jesus went through that.” – Mario Murillo

“Sing louder. … Christians should be going into the streets and singing, instead of being intimidated.” – Rick Wiles

“..the greasy grace, the sloppy agape…. We literally created the dichotomy that you could receive the Lord Jesus as Savior, but not as Lord.” – Mario Murillo

31:30 “This whole thing is a test balloon.” And most CA churches are failing the test.

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Mario Murillo: God-Haters Using Coronavirus to Shut Down Churches Forever

Evangelist Mario Murillo joins TruNews to discuss the coronavirus shutdown of churches, the California ban on singing, and the Marxist eradication of our nation’s history. Rick Wiles, Mario Murillo. Airdate 07/11/2020

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