A rock came flying out of the sky and landed in a large pond (comet?).
Violent protests.
• Violent attacks on older conservatives.
$100 bill burning until 1/3 of it was left. People celebrating the dollar had died.
Angels guarding the few faithful people praying. Relentless attacks against them, but they didn’t waiver. Saw a narrow gate: narrow is the way.
• The false, puffed up prosperity preachers were exposed. Bit through their tongues.
Clowns trying to keep people from voting, distracting

Big billboard: “Passover 2021: big things are coming for the world”

White figure appeared, Who said “Do not stop bracing for the storm will not pass until I stop the storm. … Brace, brace, brace yourselves and don’t look back.”

“Make sure you’re right with the Lord, right with Jesus, because our whole world is about to be turned upside down.” “Repent of your sins. Confess those things; become accountable. Get rooted and grounded back in the Word, where you need to be. Be praying like never before, because we’re about to be tested, weighed and measured. And it’s going to be very, very obvious in the next several months who’s really living for the Lord and who isn’t — who’s been faking it the whole time.”

A dream I had on Monday August 10th.



Dana Coverstone