Beware of Mainstream “Church” Lies – Salvation is CONDITIONAL

Eternal Call


Dear brothers, don’t believe today’s mainstream church lies. There is ONE BIG LIE that they are trying to deceive people with: they say “salvation is unconditional”. They want to remove people’s accountability, the results are doctrines of demons like “Once Saved Always Saved” and “Calvinism”.

The whole objective is for the devil to convince people that they can keep living in sin and STILL be saved. Sound familiar? He tried to pull that on Eve FROM THE BEGINNING.

You go one day to a “church”, the preacher calls on you to “accept Christ”, say a “sinner’s prayer” and ONLY believe inside. Then, you are told you are now saved, sealed and on your way to heaven.

They are DECEIVERS brothers. They only care about their own little earthly kingdom, power, money and the glory of men. They don’t care about your soul. Don’t be a blind sheep and don’t let them deceive you. A blind sheep is led to the slaughter, be a wise sheep dependant on the SHEPHERD JESUS.

Salvation IS CONDITIONAL brothers and sisters and we BETTER BELIEVE IT. It is CONDITIONAL to our REPENTANCE. It is CONDITIONAL to our WILLINGNESS TO TURN AWAY from our own evil ways, turn away from a deliberate lifestyle of sin. God is impartial and desires ALL to be saved but it is UP TO US to respond to His call and drawing. Jesus said: MANY are called but FEW are chosen. Believe HIM and HIS WORDS, not today’s “representatives” of God.

It is up to us to draw near to God, it is up to us to REPENT and RECEIVE the Holy Spirit. God draws us FIRST but we ALSO need to draw near to Him and SEEK HIM. It is up to us to SEE THROUGH THE LIES.

Don’t believe the lies dear brothers. We are living in the final times where the Holy Scriptures warn there will be doctrines of devils. THESE are the doctrines of devils, what you believe is YOUR OWN CHOICE. Choose wisely.

And may God bless you!