1-          Do you know WHO Jesus Christ TRULY is?

2-          Have you ever read the words of Jesus?

3-          Did you read the words of Jesus enough that they popup in your mind depending on your daily circumstances?

4-          Do you take every thought captive to the words of Jesus throughout your day?

5-          If you truly read His words, can you recite 3 verses Jesus said from the top of your head?

6-          Do you APPLY the words of Jesus in your life?

7-          Are you aware of the presence of the Lord throughout your day?

8-          Do you converse with Jesus consistently even if in your mind?

9-          If someone mentions Jesus, does that make you uncomfortable?

10-          Do you feel ashamed to say that you believe in Jesus to other people?

11-          Do you look for opportunities to witness about Jesus to the lost?

12-          Do you have a healthy fear of Jesus Christ, the Holy lamb of God?

13-          Is Jesus REAL in your life and do you EXPERIENCE His reality?

14-          Did you REPENT of your sins and TURN AWAY from them in order to follow Jesus?

15-          Are you grieved and become jealous over Jesus when other professing Christians abuse His grace by living in deliberate sin?

16-          Are you grieved when you see false prophets, teachers and preachers lead the sheep of Christ astray?

17-          Do you care for the sheep of Christ as you care for Jesus Himself?

18-          Do you care about the lost and do you want to bring them to Jesus so that they are saved?

19-          Are you faithful to Jesus? And do you OBEY Him?

20-          Is Jesus Christ your FIRST priority?

21-          Are you guided by the Holy Spirit of Christ?

22-          Are you ready to forsake every hindrance to your relationship with Christ?

23-          Are you ready get rid of bad relationships, bad friends, bad jobs or careers that are preventing you from truly following Jesus?

24-          Is Jesus Christ the center of your life or are you yourself the center with Jesus revolving around you?

25-          Do you go to Jesus because you love Him or just because you want salvation?

26-          Do you TRULY LOVE JESUS AND will you endure with Jesus Christ in Holiness and righteousness until the end of your life?

and may God bless you!

Are You a FOLLOWER OF JESUS? A Good Test

Dec 9, 2020

Eternal Call