6:10 “Since the removal of Donald Trump from office, Christians by the millions have fallen into a deep state of discouragement, disillusionment and depression. They are filled with fear.”– Chuck Baldwin

In the latter part of this message, I believe Chuck gets the American Revolution wrong. So far, he doesn’t seem interested in looking into what really happened. I’ve tried sharing this with him, to no avail.

(video) James Perloff: Who Fired the Shots Heard Round the World? – REVOLUTIONARY WAR a FREEMASONRY FALSE FLAG • There were NO ONEROUS TAXES laid on Americans, nor other legitimate reasons to revolt • The BREWERS of revolution: SAMUEL ADAMS was a Dick Cheny-like warmonger; Paul Revere’s role; HIDDEN GUNMEN fired the first shots; THOMAS *PAYNE* (an atheist) wrote the Declaration of Independence • The 50 year PLEDGE TO SECRECY

“The LORD Reigneth Over The Heathen” – Message by Dr. Chuck Baldwin on Jan. 31, 2021