Jerry Mungadze tells some of his experiences where he was discriminated against, and how he handled it. Then says:

10:10 “To my people, the biggest thing I have to say is: we cannot hang onto the pain of discrimination and slavery forever, because if we do, we get stuck, because it’s not going to hurt them. They’re not going to lose sleep over it. It’s us who carry that bitterness to where you suspect every white person to look down on you when they really don’t.”

14:10 “In our community as black people, we can’t keep saying ‘white people, you need to change; you need to change the way you treat us. We have to change ourselves. Because we do have our racist thoughts too, and we have to overcome those.”

The Psychology of Racism Pt. 1 | Dr. Jerry Mungadze | Joni Table Talk | Joni Lamb

Jan 18, 2021

Protests, Riots, and Media Headlines. What are the effects of racism on our society, and what role should the church play in helping heal a nation, especially when it seems so divided? Dr. Jerry Mungadze shares his insight along with personal stories.