Steve Quayle: We’re Seeing the Redefinition of ‘Truth’ – Jesus has been displaced. Christian resistance restraining evil has diminished. Satan knows he has a short time to destroy. A lot of Christendom is cooperating

Minute-14 “The invisible will become visible. That which was hidden will be made manifest. … The Democrats made war on God. … You’re watching right now those who call evil ‘good’ and good ‘evil.’ – We’re seeing the redefinition of truth. … So where Jesus has been displaced, and where the Christian resistance restraining evil has been pretty much done away with, now Satan has moved into the power vacuum. The Bible teaches that Satan knows he has a short time to basically destroy as much of humanity as he can. And unfortunately, a lot of Christendom is cooperating.”

“We’re seeing the entire world go mad.”

46:20 “You must Godly defy the New World Order, instead of Satanically comply.” Satan, the father of lies, won’t come through; will mock those who follow him into destruction.



Ron Gibson (Watch Live)

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