Great news! The Gideons new ESV-based Bible is now one of the most reliable, keeping the ESV’s correct translation of John 3:36, and correcting their removal of Romans 8:1b — two key texts for understanding salvation — to be free!

I’m impressed in how the ESV correctly translates John 3:36, which abolishes the popular idea that John 3:16 is “the gospel in a nutshell.” John 3:36 destroys Luther’s “only believe.” We must actually abide in Christ to be “in Christ,” not just believe that He died for our sins.

John 3:36 ESV: Whoever believes [same Greek word as in John 3:16] in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey [apeitheo – Greek] the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

See: Why is apeitheo in John 3:36 translated “not obey” in some versions and “not believe” in others? — Teachers claim that faith and obedience are separate, but God sees things differently • Belief cannot be separated from obedience

Now, the Gideon’s ESV version also correctly translates Romans 8:1, which dovetails with verses 4-17. We have “no condemnation” when we’re actually “in Christ,” guilt free because we walk according to the Spirit:

Romans 8:1 Gideon’s ESV: There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh (but according to the Spirit).

See: Look what the NIV did to Romans 8:1 — They changed the entire meaning of the verse and leave no requirement or prerequisite to being free from condemnation!

Wikipedia explains Gideon’s new ESV:

In 2013, Gideons International permanently transitioned from the New King James Version to the ESV as their translation of choice for free of charge distribution Bibles. In addition to being granted licensing for the ESV text (for the purpose of distribution), Crossway gave Gideons International permission to modify the text to use alternative readings based on the Textus Receptus. [The trustworthy Greek text based on the reliable Syrian manuscripts – ed.] The Gideons edition uses over 50 alternative readings [that tragically most modern Bibles took out, based on Westcott and Hort’s faulty logic to rely on the gutted Egyptian Greek manuscripts instead – ed].[43] (link)

This article says these are the verses the Gideon’s ESV-based Bible now thankfully includes!


The English Standard Version (2001- ) or ESV is a literal, conservative Protestant translation of the Bible. … As of June 2021, the ESV is the third best selling Bible in the US. Only the KJV and NIV outsell it. …

Missing verses: From the point of view of KJV enthusiasts, the ESV has dropped more than a dozen verses and parts of dozens more. Among them:

    • Bracketed verses: Mark 16:9-20, John 7:53-8:11.
    • Missing verses:
      • Matthew 12:47, 17:21, 18:11, 23:14,
      • Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46, 11:26, 15:28
      • Luke 17:36, 23:17,
      • John 5:4
      • Acts 8:37, 15:34, 24:7, 28:29
      • Romans 16:24.
    • Parts of verses missing:
      • Matthew 5:44, 6:13, 19:9, 26:45,
      • Mark 9:29, 9:49, 10:24, 13:33
      • Luke 4:4, 4:8, 9:55, 11:2, 11:4, 11:11,
      • John 5:3, 7:8,
      • Acts 24:6, 24:8,
      • Romans 8:1,
      • 1 Corinthians 11:24,
      • Colossians 1:14,
      • 1 John 5:7.

Why: These do not always appear in the oldest manuscripts [Egyptian manuscripts – ed.], so scholars and most modern Protestant and Catholic translations drop them. Sometimes they appear in the footnotes, sometimes not. “Modern” means since 1881. [When Westcott and Hort introduced their deceptive Greek New Testament, based on the altered Egyptian manuscripts – ed.]

The Gideon Bible restored these. [Yay! – ed.]

ESV enthusiasts say that none of these verses affect core Christian doctrines. [False! The removal of Romans 8:1b has fueled “once saved, always saved” (OSAS), becoming one of their greatest hits verses! And bracketing the natural ending of Mark (16:9-20) encourages cessationism. – ed.] (link)


I can’t find this translation online, but hope it’s out there somewhere. They do have a Bible app for phones. For Romans 8:1, the Gideon Bible adds in the exact words and punctuation that are in the footnote.

ESV Gideons Edition: About This Bible — Removed verses restored incl. Rom. 8:1b

“What is HORRIBLY WRONG with Modern Bible Translations like the NIV? Most modern versions slavishly depend on the Egyptian and Vatican corruptions of the New Testament!

Most modern NT ‘Bibles’ are based on an Egyptian text rejected by Christendom 1500 years ago — that removed the second half of Romans 8:1 – “Now there is NO CONDEMNATION to them which are IN CHRIST JESUS, ***WHO don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT***”