The study: Sex differences in the structural connectome of the human brain – Madhura Ingalhalikar, Alex Smith, Drew Parker, Theodore D. Satterthwaite, Mark A. Elliott, Kosha Ruparel, Hakon Hakonarson, Raquel E. Gur, Ruben C. Gur, and Ragini Verma, December 2, 2013

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From: Daily Mail

Men’s and women’s brains: the truth! As research proves the sexes’ brains ARE wired differently, why women’s are cleverer ounce for ounce – and men can’t read female feelings

  • Differences between the sexes are profound
  • Men generally have more connections within each hemisphere
  • In women the stronger links run from side to side between them
  • This means men are more logical and better at coordination
  • Women are more intuitive and have greater ‘emotional intelligence’

John Naish

4 December 2013

Women’s and men’s brains are wired in fundamentally different ways.

Neurologists used magnetic resonance imaging (radio-wave scans that produce detailed images of the inside of the body) to study the brains of almost 1,000 volunteers. …

Men generally have more connections within each hemisphere and between the front and back of the brain.

In women the stronger connections usually run from side to side, between the left and right hemispheres.

In essence, what this means is that men are more logical and better at coordination and spatial awareness. Women are more intuitive, have greater ‘emotional intelligence’ and better memories for words and faces.

Female vs. male brain networks: Men have more connections within each hemisphere and between the front and back of the brain

The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Ragini Verma, of the University of Pennsylvania, who led the study, concludes that male brains are geared ‘to link perception with doing’ – so men would be better at, for example, learning a new sport.

Female brains, meanwhile, are configured to handle matters of heart and mind and to study others’ behaviour, then interpret it using intuition and analysis. …

..brain scans showed [men] had more activity in four areas of the brain associated with decision-making, focusing closely on a task and visualising. …

The male brain might be good at deciphering a car-repair manual but it’s not much good at decoding social context or emotions – as any new mum will know as she rushes to comfort her crying baby and almost trips over her partner still glued to the football on TV. … have to work harder at multi-tasking. ..this is again down to differences in brain ‘wiring’. Women’s highly connected brains make it easier to juggle challenges.”

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I think one of the best ways to highlight the difference between men and women’s brains is to simply walk into a shop that sells lots of magazines. Take a look at the women’s magazine section, there may be minor variations due to social status i.e. Bella vs Cosmopolitan however the content is exactly the same right across the board: abuse stories, sex, recipies, weird sex, health, same sex, horoscopes, transex, agony aunt, plastic surgery, fashion, make up, vanity stuff, dieting, baby rearing. Then take a look at what people who are not women are reading and compare: cars, guitars, PC’s, photography, science, politics, humour, fishing, electronics, biology, web design, Linux and so forth. That should give a good indicator of what men and women’s brains do with their spare time.

Guys it’s not a competition. Men and women are different and are good at different things. It’s meant to be that way. What men are useless at women are better at, and vice versa. So together they can make a team. But only if they work together as a team, not compete with each other and put each other down all the time, focusing on the stuff each of them can’t do. …

Almost every important invention ever thought up were made by men. …

Meanwhile, more than 90% of new inventions continue to be discovered by men and the vast majority of Nobel Prizes for science are awarded to men for advancing human knowledge. I’m not saying that men are superior in any way to women. It is just that men and women both excel in different ways and compliment each other with their differences. Women contribute as much to the world as men, but in different ways. One way that men excel is through having the ability to focus all effort (often over many years) on solving a single problem. That attribute may be obsessive in some males, yet it has led to incredible scientific advances which have benefited all human beings. I find it silly and childish when newspapers try to claim that one sex is ‘better’ than the other.

[EDITOR’S FACT CHECK: “…women only account for seven per cent of all inventors on patent applications in the UK. We shouldn’t feel too bad, though; in Germany it’s only five per cent.” (source)]

Nobel Prizes: Men 476 – 28 Women. Anything else you want to know?

Everything in this country was fine until the girly men took it into their heads that women ( quotas ) should be placed in positions formerly worked by men, look how things are going and make your own mind up.

Feminism specifically demands that men and women are identical in all but physical strength. Which most of us accept is total garbage. Feminism also claims to have a goal that there is not a 50% representation of women in every field. Which there never will be, 50% of women are never likely to want to be in certain fields. When you pretend there is discrimination when there is not, you can set up a permanent state of victimisation. The feminists place of choice. I have absolutely no problem accepting what females are “better at”. …



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