“A lot of people believe error today because it’s what they want to believe.” – Don McClain

49:40 Don knows someone who changed his or her view on who goes to heaven because a loved one died, and this person wanted to believe that his or her loved one went to heaven. Don then says: “you can change your views about it. That’s not going to save your friend if it’s not true.”

50:30 “I’ve known preachers who changed their view on marriage-divorce-remarriage because one of their children unscripturally divorced and remarried unscripturally. … People do oftentimes change their views because of what they want to believe.”

54:30 Black mamba snakes can kill humans in just minutes. “We should be afraid of error, because error is much more serious than a black mamba. A black mamba can kill the body, but it can’t kill the soul. False doctrine can.

1:01:50 Christian ‘liberty’ is “liberty from sin, not liberty from the authority of Christ.”

1:03:20 “Do you think Eve wanted to believe error due to her desire?”

1:07:55 Error & Consequences of Calvinism (meme)