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World Affairs Brief, February 10, 2023 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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The Woke Cultural Path Leads to an Evil End


I will tell you frankly why I think establishment America is making a major turn towards acceptance and promotion of evil:

In the first place, I think immorality is rampant in this nation. It starts when youth are young, both in high school and in college, where promiscuous behavior is common and even expected. This loose morality follows people in or out of marriage with affairs, pornography addiction and later on to dissatisfaction with their marriage partners (or otherwise), ending in further unfaithfulness and divorce.

It’s not that immorality is the only essence of corruption in society, but it is a key factor because of how it affects the workings of conscience which are intertwined with our judgment and ethics in everything from business to religion and politics.

As I’ve explained in detail in my essay on “The Still Small Voice of Conscience” this spiritual receptor in the mind not only receives promptings, warnings and reminders from God’s side but also Satanic forces [unless we learn how to be free of the demonic voices/thoughts – ed.] which seem to have equal access—depending on which voices we choose to listen to, and all those rationalizations and excuses to violate the moral standards of God come from the dark side. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s the light side or dark side speaking to our mind because it all comes in our own style and manner of thinking. Only the content is distinguishable.

But once a person makes a habit of listening to the tempting, soft, easy, self-justifying voices of Satan’s messengers a person starts listing toward the looser side of life. They begin to favor abortion, knowing that their immorality might require it someday. They no longer see anything wrong with sexually explicit films and videos, and feel hypocritical holding their teenage children to a standard they themselves don’t live.

They become permissive of not only their children, but other adults who fall into the sad consequences of misbehavior that accompany alcohol, drugs, sin and crime. They naturally become politically “liberal” as they seek to use government power to throw welfare money at these problems instead of greater discipline. Many even become angry at conservatives who, in defense of their fundamental rights, don’t want to have their income exploited for welfare and bad education purposes.

That anger comes flooding in because they have become susceptible to a wide range of Satan’s influence in the mind, despite thinking they are the “compassionate ones,” (with other people’s money). He is the source of that anger against other good people resisting government force.

What eventually follows is that those who rise in positions of power and popular entertainment begin to recognize that their popular appeal is rooted in the growing dark ideas in their minds and conduct and that they are being rewarded with even higher levels of wealth and prestige as they further serve evil purposes. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, they have begun to join Satan’s side, which sometimes ends up in outright Satan worship.