We are often trying to evaluate the properness of the punishments we see in our society and even in the Bible. This, I think, is one area where we our intuitions are generally off base.

Let me add some more thoughts for you to consider as you evaluate this idea. Did you know that most prisoners agree that their prison sentences are too harsh? Did you know that criminals are far more likely to have a low view of law enforcement in general? While we can grant that, in some cases, people are unjustly punished by the law we can also recognize that people who break the law are generally more likely to minimize their offense and think that even a just sentence is unjust. But what if we apply this observation to people’s intuitions about the justness of Hell? It basically means that those who have moral guilt before God are more likely to think that Hell is unjust than they are to think that their sin deserves such a punishment. It seems to be a constant feature of the human condition that we will justify ourselves and even go so far as to demonize God Himself if He is going to truly bring down justice for our sins. I think it’s much more wise to assume that, if I can’t see the justness of Hell, then God is wiser than me and I am suffering from a culture of minimizing sin.

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Jul 21, 2022