Mike Winger: All The Head Covering Debates (1 Cor 11): Women in Ministry part 10

0:00 Intro

12:05 The Traditional Interpretation
47:36 The Hairstyle View
1:02:32 The Refutation View
1:05:13 The “It Doesn’t Belong in the Bible” View
1:06:25 The “Cloth Covering but not Submission” View
1:17:15 How we are going to make sense of all this (14 questions)

1:19:32 #1 Does this passage belong in the Bible?
1:27:11 #2 Is Paul refuting, rather than teaching, much of what we read here?
1:37:02 #3 What does “head” (kephale) mean in this passage?
1:50:41 #4 What were the ongoing cultural customs around head coverings?
3:15:03 #5 What does Paul want men to do?
3:17:39 #6 What does Paul want women to do?
3:21:53 #7 What is Paul’s point about the order and purpose in the creation of man and woman in vs. 8-9?
3:40:44 #8 What does “nature” mean in vs 14?
3:59:50 #9 Is this passage about women and men or husbands and wives?
4:06:15 #10 How is woman the glory of man and man the glory of God? And what about the image language in vs 7?
4:35:02 #11 Does the woman have a “symbol of authority” on her head or does she “have authority over her own head” in vs 10?
5:00:40 #12 What does “because of the angels” man in vs 10?
5:24:26 #13 Is this whole thing really based on the ancient medical idea that women’s hair functioned as a testicle? [Michael Heiser’s view]
6:10:50 #14 How does it apply today?

6:37:00 Conclusion: What 1 Cor 11 means for the Women in Ministry series.

Nov 11, 2022

Here are my notes for today’s video. I’ve included many links and references for you to follow up on while doing your own research. https://biblethinker.org/wp-content/u…

This is THE LINK to the playlist of ALL the videos in the Women in Ministry playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

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