John Burton wrote on Facebook, 7/9/23

Those who believe in eternal security (once saved, always saved) and false-grace theologies are at extreme risk of falling away and spending eternity in hell.

I’m concerned for pre-tribbers too.

Why? When they enter into the Tribulation period, and they can’t buy food, water, medicine, electricity or anything else, it will be easy to take the Mark of the Beast.

Imagine your child needing emergency medical care and you can’t help them. Imagine your family hiding out in the woods hoping not to get caught.

Unless we are walking in extreme faith, are radically consecrated and are willing to die, we will most certainly take the mark. There will be a great falling away.

Those who embrace false-grace and eternal security will quickly take the mark as they believe they can’t lose their salvation.

Pre-tribbers will largely be caught off guard and ill equipped to handle the pressures of the Tribulation.

Yes, there will be supernatural grace for authentic Believers and no, we won’t be hit by the wrath of God. But the rage of the enemy will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

We must get ready. Pastors, prepare the people. Parents, train your children in the fear of the Lord. It’s closer than we think.