“A sin is a sin, whether done in private or before the wide world.”

“Tell thine own conscience now what it is. Look it in the face. Confess it before God. May He give you grace to remove that sin and any other, and turn to Him with full purpose of heart.”

“Christians, recollect that little sins will spoil your communion with Christ. Little sins, like little stains in silk, may damage the fine texture of fellowship; little sins, like little irregularities in the machinery, may spoil the whole fabric of your religion.”

“..my friend, will you have your sin and go to hell, or leave your sin and go to heaven?”

“..will ye keep your secret sins, and have eternal fire for them? Remember it is of no use, they must all be given up, or else you cannot be God’s child. You cannot by any means have both; it cannot be God and the world, it cannot be Christ and the devil; it must be one or the other. Oh! that God would give you grace to resign all; for what are they worth?”

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Secret Sins (Turn…or Burn) – Charles Spurgeon Sermons