36:15 “Don’t you know that a little sin, carelessly indulged in will prevent your salvation?”

“These little sins show that you are still a slave to sin.” “It shows the deceitfulness of your heart, and manifests that you still love the waysof sin.”

If you love sin; though, it is a little one, your heart is not right in the sight of God. You are still a stranger to divine grace.”

“God will never be one with you until you and your sins are split apart.”

I transcribed the above quotes from the video below, since I couldn’t find the text used in this recording, unaware it was modernized. Later, I found what appears to be the original text in full. Here is a portion of that text, modernized in this recording at 20:49:

Listen not then to the evil voice of Satan when he cries, Is it not a little one?”

Years ago there was not a single thistle in the whole of Australia. Some Scotchman who very much admired thistles–rather more than I do– thought it was a pity that a great island like Australia should be without that marvellous and glorious symbol of his great nation. He, therefore, collected a packet of thistle-seeds, and sent it over to one of his friends in Australia. Well, when it was landed, the officers might have said, “Oh, let it in; ‘is it not a little one?’ Here is but a handful of thistle- down, oh, let it come in; it will be but sown in a garden–the Scotch will grow it in their gardens; they think it a fine flower, no doubt,–let them have it, it is but meant for their amusement.” Ah, yes, it was but a little one; but now whole districts of country are covered with it, and it has become the farmer’s pest and plague. It was a little one; but, all the worse for that, it multiplied and grew. If it had been a great evil, all men would have set to work to crush it. … Take heed of the thistle-seed; little sins are like it. Take care they are not admitted into your heart. Endeavour to shun them as soon as Satan presents them. Go, seek by the grace of God and his Holy Spirit to keep them away; for if not, these little sins will multiply so fast, that they will be your ruin and destruction.