0:00 Introduction
0:48 Mark’s story: How origins affected his faith (An old Earth undermines the Gospel narrative)
11:11 How do we determine the age of something? (You can’t measure age!)
13:32 The dripping tap example (Dating methods rely on assumptions!)
16:17 Radiometric dates aren’t definitive – assumptions rule
19:51 The importance of witness testimony
23:36 The importance of worldview / starting assumptions
26:24 So, how old is the Earth?
28:58 Evidence from radiometric dating / rocks
36:04 Evidence from sedimentation / erosion
37:41 Evidence from our solar system
40:09 Evidence from Earth’s population
41:43 Evidence from carbon-14 in fossils
43:28 Summary: You can’t measure age! (Everything depends on your assumptions!)
46:29 An old Earth calls God’s character into question
48:47 An old Earth calls the inerrancy of Scripture into question
50:38 Conclusion: Three reasons the age of the Earth matters to a Christian