My comment:

I fully agree with you! The only way to “win” as a worship leader is to be holy, so we can worship in Spirit and in truth, leading others into the presence of God. If we’re not holy, clean, we can’t worship until we repent and get right with everyone, like Paul ALWAYS made sure he could say:

“..I also practice ALWAYS having a CONSCIENCE VOID OF OFFENSE toward God and MEN.” – Acts 24:16

It’s true that “repent” isn’t said much anymore, but “reconcile” is hardly ever mentioned at all, what Jesus said we must do before giving our gift at the altar, and what Paul made sure he always did.

Twila Paris was a good example decades ago. She just worshiped God in purity, not to get glory for herself. Much of her music was anointed as a result.

Misty has always seemed like a showman to me. She used her musical gift to show people how special she was, instead of showing people how special Jesus is.

A real worship leader’s goal is to be invisible, to connect people with God, not show how great she is.

I don’t see how she was a victim, like some are saying.

Mike gave her the head worship leader title; though, she was the worship leader who worshiped the least.

Something was seriously strange between those two.

Misty Edwards on Stumbling and Recovering: “I Have Stumbled and Fallen…”