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Misty Edwards Involved in Adulterous Affairs – Mike Bickle News Scandal & Allegations Update ihopkc. Julie Roys from the Roys Reprot drop another bombshell article that Misty Edwards was Involved in two adulterous affairs.

Two well-known Christian worship leaders, Kevin Prosch and Misty Edwards, privately confessed to a years-long affair that started before Prosch and his second wife divorced, sources told The Roys Report. According to Brent Steeno, Edwards told him about an affair with Prosch in December 2021. Steeno was on staff at ihopkc when Misty Edwards confided in him about these affairs. Steeno said Edwards told him the affair was ongoing and had begun seven years earlier, around 2014.

Prosch was married to Shelly Bickle which is Mike Bickle sister but they divorced in 2016. Steeno said Edwards also confessed another secret involving a man she refused to name. Steeno has produced texts with Edwards that corroborate his accounts. Joel Richardson said that Prosch confirmed the affair with Edwards in a three-way call last October between Richardson, Prosch, and Jose Diaz. Also Prosch and Edwards were charged with driving under the influence and public intoxication, respectively. Prosch was also charged with failing to stop at a stop sign and speeding. During their relationship they were also doing drugs.

Steeno said he was very concerned about Edwards’ well-being after hearing her confession. So, in January 2022, Steeno said he told two members of IHOPKC’s ELT—former IHOPKC Executive Director Stuart Greaves and Senior VP Lenny LaGuardia—about what Edwards had told him. Despite this, Edwards continued serving on the ELT for another 19 months.So ihopkc basically did nothing and allowed Misty to continue in ministry. This whole dark and sinful narritive is confirmed by many text messages that Steeno provided the Roy report.