It’s interesting that Rhydian Roberts
is from Wales,
where the 1904 Welsh revival
began with Evan Roberts.

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Theme for the Third Great Awakening, Rhydian Roberts: Somewhere — “We’ll find a new way of living. We’ll find a way of forgiving – Somehow – Someday – Somewhere!” — ‘ONE’ Will Happen!!!!!!!

(video) Rhydian Roberts: The Impossible Dream — By-the-Sea AMAZING Version

Rhydian Roberts: The Prayer — “Let this be our prayer WHEN WE LOSE OUR WAY. Lead us…guide us with your grace to A PLACE WHERE WE’LL BE SAFE”

Rhydian Roberts: I Believe — Journey Through the Universe!

Rhydian Roberts: The Impossible Dream (precarious climb and other versions)

Rhydian Roberts: I’m Coming Home Again

Rhydian Roberts: O Holy Night

Rhydian Roberts: You Raise Me Up – To More Than I Can Be!

Rhydian Roberts’ Spiritual Testimony

Rhydian Roberts: “Benedictus” & “Somewhere” — Royal Albert Hall

Rhydian: ‘Benedictus’ — War/Inhumanity Version

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