Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Lust: A Discussion Within—BODY (heart?), MIND & SPIRIT

The key is to stop this internal discussion before it gets rolling–to nip it in the bud–to not give the Devil a ‘place’–an entry point (as it is with anger–Eph. 4:26,27).
Once the place is given, however, demons can then actually drive the heart’s desire to lust, cranking up from what maybe was a 3 to a 10! Many people live like this constantly–never finding FREEDOM.
Paul said: “To be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (Rom. 8:6)
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts.” (Gal. 5:22-24)
This is normal in order to be a child of God.
We must obey.
Freedom in Christ!!!
– jeff : )

“Sometimes my mind wants to do one thing, like when it comes to, let’s say, I see a beautiful woman.
And my body says, ‘boy, it would be nice to be with her.’
And my mind says, ‘yeah, but if I do and she’s married, I might get caught; I might face the consequences’–a very logical reasoning.
And then my spirit says ‘that’s morally wrong to have sex with her outside of marriage.'”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:

Saturday September 29th, 2007
Keith Robinson
Creation vrs Evolution

Keith Robinson has dedicated his life to teaching others about the evidence for creation and against evolution.

Jesus shows in Matthew 5 that lust originates in the heart, and leads to death:

27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: 28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. 29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. 30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

This is a very serious matter.
We must overcome and be free!
Jeff : )
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  2. Jeff Fenske

    God bless you for asking! And you may be speaking for others as well. God bless you all! We can overcome, always!

    “No temptation has taken you except what is common to man. God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able, but will with the temptation also make the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.” (1 Cor. 10:13)

    I’ve been single all of my life without having the gift of singleness. So I can relate. It hasn’t been easy for me to get to where I’m at now. To me, it’s mostly a matter of understanding the factors involved. I’m at a place now where it’s actually not very difficult for me to be totally free all the time, but I also know that if I let myself fall even just a little bit, I could be easily swept back into lusting.
    For me, now, my greatest challenge is to forgive everyone, everywhere, 100% of the time from the bottom of my heart. For I get hated on a lot, especially by ‘Christians,’ because I’m standing up for what is right. But people aren’t the enemy. We must love everyone, even those who want to kill us. And deciding to love even our enemies makes it also easier to walk completely lust free.
    For those who are trying to be holy, to be real Christians, these can be lonely times. I don’t know of one church in all of America that is figuring it out enough to where they are significantly overcoming, to where we can go there and rest in God and with each other. Sin is so rampant. So what do we do in the meantime? How can we always overcome when it seems that hardly anyone is—even pastors? And instead of repenting, and calling the church into repentance, they seem to instead be moving the mark to where sin isn’t so bad. “I’m okay; you’re okay,” regardless of what Jesus and the New Testament writers wrote.
    To me, the number one issue is getting our salvation doctrine figured out. The idea that we can willfully lust, hate others, lie, etc. and still go to heaven is not in the Word of God. It’s actually reverse-Christian. So I think it’s important to get this crucial issue settled. My Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures article should settle this for many, as well as the related posts (“Who Goes to Heaven” category posts in reverse chronological order). It’s so clear, but the deception in America is so great that I don’t know one church in my entire state that teaches the truth about who goes to heaven. If we just get this one issue settled….
    I had a dream over 15 years ago that helped get me back on track. Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. I was in an extra-frustrating situation during which I allowed myself to lust at night while watching TV. After about 1.5 weeks of this (and for the record, not lusting after any other women other than these on TV), I heard in this dream that I was in danger of going to hell of lusting. And then I heard Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount words summarized something like this: ”Anyone who lusts in his heart is committing adultery. And it’s better to pluck out your eye than lose your whole body in hell.”
    My instantaneous response was: “Jesus, you’re serious (that He fully meant what He so clearly said)!” That ended my binge. But for me, I needed to learn more in order to consistently overcome.
    The Holy Spirit helped me again, giving me a vision. I saw a lust demon just above my body, unable to get inside. But when I lusted just a little bit, it gleefully rejoiced and literally jumped right into me, saying something like, “a hah!” And that’s when lust becomes an addiction (and this is true with homosexuality too. I’ve never had sex with anyone in my entire life, period. But I bring this up because I it’s important for homosexuals to know they can be totally free too. It works the same way), because demons drive the desire. Once they’re in, it’s impossible to totally relax in God, having peace in this area until we completely repent, determining to go cold turkey—not giving the demons a place, a right to torment us with these sins.

    “Submit to God; resist the Devil, and he’ll flee.” (James)

    Once lust-demon free, we can still be tempted, but it’s no longer an addiction until we give into the temptation. And there we go all over again until we totally repent—to be free. And we can always live free.
    For me, to get free and stay totally free requires understanding some additional factors. How does this all work in real life?
    For example, willfully lusting, even if it’s just looking at women the way they’re partially declothed or just tightly clothed on standard TV, can easily open the doorway in just be a matter of a second or two. Some discard the TV all together, which may be best for them. Some get rid of their computers or put filters on. The filters won’t filter out all of the temptations though, and not using a computer is to severely limit what at least I can do during this crucial time.
    I tried accountability to a Christian brother or two. That didn’t work for me. What works for me is taking this battle for my soul totally seriously, that sinning in this way isn’t even an option. I’m determined to bounce my eyes away from body parts they flash in front of my face. And there are many programs I won’t even watch because I know this is going to happen too much.
    TV can be rough, because we can be watching a totally decent show and then the commercial comes on with the scantily clad temptations intentionally trying to suck us in. And if we’re not careful, woe!!! Editors can show a country scene, and then suddenly fill the entire screen with a body part. We have to flee as did Joseph from Potiphar’s wife. Run! Don’t look even part of a second more, and defile our mind. Just because demons have influenced women to dress certain ways doesn’t give us the right to look.
    This is war! All out!! And we need to treat it this way:

    “From the days of John the Baptizer until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” (Mt. 11:12)

    This is war for our souls, war for our effectiveness, war for whether we will stay in God or not, whether we will be useful for humanity or not, whether we can love people without addictions or not—resting.
    “We can all be there.
    Let’s go.
    It takes sincerity.”
    If we could see the demons, it would be far easier to see the need to do whatever it takes to keep them from affecting us. But we can’t. But if we are ever compelled to lust, when it becomes hard to not lust—we can be sure that we are lust demon driven. And those who tempt us are probably lust demon driven to.
    We can start by making sure we’re free; then maybe others will get free; and then maybe freedom will happen for many!
    The joy of the Lord is our strength. He wants us to be free to respectively appreciate everyone—to forgive and be free—and not take advantage of those who are demon driven to reveal things they should only reveal to their husband.
    God wants us to respect everyone no matter what. And we can do it!
    One thing I’m trying to do is to focus on what is lovely and right to focus on (Philippians 4). I deal with a lot of yuck in my blogs—for this world is currently extremely yukky. And to get out of the yuck many still need to see how yukky it really is. This is love—and at times it can actually be quite fun—to help people see how detestable this matrix we’re in is, so we can soar above and be ONE! But I don’t want to dwell in yuck all the time, and the revival may not come for years.
    Photography is something I’ve loved all of my life, and I believe the Lord has led me to try to now do it as a profession. So I’ve spent thousands of hours studying how to do it, so I can share with others photos of what’s best in the world—images that can hopefully make their hearts leap with joy and hope that God is awesome—that there really still is beauty in this world! I think it’s good to find something that takes us to greater heights and out of the doldrums, if we can.
    Ideally, we should (and I believe we will) have churches in which every member is learning how to overcome so they are functionally able to help one another in their particular giftings. It’s much harder to be strong on our own, but when we are together in Christ we won’t be as easily picked off. Then I think it will actually be easy to overcome.
    But until then, we have to put into effect every safeguard we individually need in order to stay clean all the time.
    I encourage others to add what they know, or ask questions about what they’d like to know. And if I don’t have the answer, maybe someone else would.
    And Peter, if this doesn’t make sense enough, please continue the dialogue until it does.
    God bless you all! May we be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
    Jeff : )

  3. I’v been mastubating ever since i was in Grade 4.It has taken control over my mind and i can’t break free. Another thing is when i go to bed ,i feel as if someone or something is pressing against.At that point in time i can’t move my body but the minute i pray i break free.Question there – what is it ? lastly nothing in my life ever goes my way,i beleve that i have a wraft of bad luck and i need help a.s.a.p. I’m slowly drowning
    PLZ HELP !!!!

  4. Jeff Fenske

    Please again read my post #2, above. You can overcome. There is always a way out. It’s up to you. If you are born-again, you have the power, the grace to overcome temptation. “No weapon that is formed against you will prosper.” But only if we fight to win.
    We can’t dabble with lust. Just a little bit, making the conscious decision to look at what we shouldn’t for even a second gives the lust demons a right to enter. And then it’s an addiction to which many think they can’t break free.
    And you’re not alone at all. Even most pastors are probably not clean in this area (and by that alone, disqualified to lead). Ultimately, it would be great to hang out with God’s people under the Holy Spirit’s anointing. But I don’t know of one place this is currently happening in America right now. But it should. Com’ on pastors, either be clean or quit. This is serious, and it is a salvation issue, and leadership will get a stricter judgment…. Hopefully, real places of worship will spring up soon.
    Anyway, Teekay, you have to shut the door to evil. Cold turkey. No lust, period. Natta. Zilch.
    Do other things. Focus on what is right and pure and what God has called you to do. Live free, above the fray, where fruit remains. Don’t be like the others. There are no excuses that will stand up in heaven when you see Jesus face to face. We need to be holy now, all the time. You can do it, and we should all be doing it, together. Free, holding hands in peace, resting, full of love—not on the take—giving into the devil—looking at things we shouldn’t be looking at—dallying in sin, thinking it’s okay. The devil will say it is, even through preachers—the days are so evil—and the people so deceived. But we can rise above!!! Can you fell it? Freedom?
    Cold turkey. And if you do blow it again, consider the serious place of danger you are in. Confess your sin, resist the devil and he will flee. But remember, we can’t play around with this stuff. This is an all-out battle for our soul!
    One of these days, I need to transcribe a message in which a pastor actually died, and was told in heaven that if everyone died right then only 2.5% of the people in the world would go to heaven. Only 2.5%, y’all!!!
    Lust is one of the main sins that is compromising the American church so it can’t be salt and light among nations. And then they trust in our military might to take out nations they think want to do us harm; though, we’re heaping more and more guilt upon ourselves, for the answer isn’t to kill others (unless it truly is self-defense). The answer is repentance, getting right with God in all things, having our hearts clean, so we can have revival, together, now, and see Jesus’ smile when we enter heaven, hearing: “well done thou good and faithful servant.”
    “Then the world will know.” (Jesus in John 17)
    We can do it, but it’s all out war, and the demons will keep us into bondage if we don’t walk totally free, touching not the unclean thing—which for guys often involves what we look at—keeping the eyes pure.
    Regarding your issue #2, that’s happened to me a couple of times many years ago, and it’s pretty scary. I think I prayed in tongues at the thing (probably a higher ranking than your average demon. The one I most clearly remember seemed man-sized) and it went away immediately.
    If you don’t already pray in tongues, I’d be glad to post why I believe the Bible teaches that all believers should walk in and exercise this awesomely important gift for overcoming. My opinion is that tongues is mainly a gift to help us deal with the demonic forces that He’d rather have us not see, but still be able to overcome. Let me know if you’d like me to write and post this.
    The holier you are the less right evil spirits have to mess with us. Forgiving everyone, everywhere, from our whole heart, all the time is a huge key to overcoming. The more we forgive the easier it is to rest and relax. Phew! The battle is indeed fierce, but there is a place in the wilderness where we can all be free. The joy of the Lord is our strength! We’re all learning, but we should never let us get in the danger areas where we can lose our salvation. My article on this is very important, and I think irrefutable: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — We Must Obey. Most churches are teaching the greatest deception, saying we can willfully sin these sins and still go to heaven.
    Your last point: the main thing is to be right with God and all people no matter what. If you’ve hurt people, repent. Get right with them. See my Asbury post: Asbury Revival, 1970: “Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?”.
    Please, get clean, and the joy will come back, guaranteed. Partysville no more.
    We can all be free!
    God bless you, Teekay! Let’s all overcome together! And if you have any further questions or comments, let me know. This is a big deal. Thanks so much for asking!!!
    Also, remember that the days are evil, so it’s harder than ever to be set apart. Don’t worry about what others think as you go the way of holiness. You may not be able to hang out with the same people, but they’ll be watching, seeing that you have something they don’t. And it’s a joy!
    James 1:27:

    “Pure religion and undefiled before our God and Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.”

    The first part of this passage is to put on righteousness: to do positive things for those in need, as our heart leads us. The second is to put off unrighteousness: set no unclean thing before our eyes, for example.
    Put off and put on, and be freeeee!!!!
    We can do it!!! Jesus is the way!
    Jeff : )

  5. peggy rickard

    I read some of your topics and that left me with something to chew. I do not understand how you say that if the oainful memories are still there then there is still anger-bitterness ect. I have had many painful experiences since i was a tiny child. I just left many years of hell on an indian reserve in ny. and i left there two years ago with my youngest. I went to ky and Jesse and I are trying to make a life here. I have very much grief because my estranged husband sexually assaulted my oldest girl who was his step daughter. Only Angie and me suffer the results of this. It destroyed her and I still hurt. Does hurt? All he does is justify. I have had many horrendous situations. I do belong to Jesus. I have 5 children still on the rez and I wont return because he was violent–has never tried to make things right. I just want the Lord to restore angie,me and my children nd do something to show arnold the horrible damage he has done. I do want him saved but I will never share his life intametly again. He tried to destroy and punish me–mental torture. All I want is healing and peace.–Your sister in Jesus–Peggy

  6. peggy rickard

    Just pray for me and my 8 children. We have all had our lives ship wrecked. My 5 children still on the rez want me back. However when I was being abused they did nothing to protect me and the youngest.If there ever is hell on earth I went through it. All of us hurt. My `12 year old loves his siblings but doesnt want me to be there to go through that again. God gave us many miracles. I tried to get disability in ny but turned down every time. It took me 4 months in Ky. I have fibromalgia-chronic fatigue and post traumatic stress disorder. The Lord didnt let me lose every thing but I lost a lot. Christian Appalachia Project pays my rent untill august of 2009. Now with the stock market crash I am concerned.Its just me and Jesse. Pray for these children of mine(Angie-Justin-Sarah-Joshua-Erin-Arny-Micah-Jesse)Yes-I do hurt–Things are still the same as far as us not talking–my children were my life. Angie deals with her pain by being on drugs for years.I dont even know how to pray for this. My other children dont want to leave the rez–only Jesse–one is in Hawaii.This is a very tangled web and I want healing and peace.

  7. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Peggy,
    A very tangled web indeed. Awful! I’m sorry. So many people are so messed up and self-centered and demonically driven to do what they do, whether they are ‘Christians’ or not. We are living in very evil days, and many of these people who do the hurting were hurt themselves, and never forgave to get free. “Hurt people hurt people.”
    But I think the main reason people have gotten so evil is because they think they can do these things and still go to heaven without getting right with those they’ve hurt. And it’s not just people doing physical things to people. Many wish evil on people, which I call “James-3 cursing,” when it’s ‘Christians’ who do it. This is an epidemic blight that is at the heart of what is destroying America. And even pastors do it, and act like nothing is wrong.
    But God will judge everyone. And everyone who hates his brother is on their way to hell, which is far worse than most can even imagine. We must be holy. We must rise above, doing everything we have to in order to overcome. And staying away from abusive situations is usually the right thing to do. But then how do we get free from the pain.
    If it was just a physical thing, I think it would be easier. But when people actively hate us for whatever reasons, the curses keep coming, and the only way for them not to affect us is to totally forgive everyone, 100% from our entire heart, letting God deal with these people, not taking it upon ourselves to wish evil back.
    The not wishing evil back part is pretty easy for me. It’s the totally releasing and wishing everyone well who literally hate our guts. People are so brutally mean, defensive, unwilling to admit their sins. But as Christians, we must not return evil for evil, and we need to forgive 100% from the deepest core of our being in order for the demons not to have a right to torment us: Mt. 18.
    I think Jesus allows us to be disciplined like this to give us great incentive to actually forgive. To me, it really is the hardest thing for me to always do, especially when and if we didn’t do anything or hardly anything wrong. Some people are just jealous. But it’s largely the demons in them driving them to think this way.
    It’s great to see success stories when people who have hated us do actually repent, and then we become even good friends. And to think of how nasty and ugly they were towards us while demon driven. I think the biggest key that I’m learning is to be able to accept as fact what Paul said as fact: Our warfare isn’t against flesh and blood, but evil spirits.
    If we can fully comprehend that people are never the enemy, no matter what they have done, or will do, or just what they want to do to us…. Some people actually wish that others die. And probably the main cause of disease and sickness is people cursing people, wishing evil on people (James 3).
    It’s also good to do the natural stuff: vitamin D, kelp (iodine), selenium or brewer’s yeast, the natural fats, etc.. But I think people cursing people is even a greater cause for disease, especially what you say you’re dealing with.
    Art Mathias at Wellspring (linked on the right) specifically mentions this as being a direct result of unforgiveness. What he doesn’t seem to yet fully understand is how curses work, and I believe they are the main reason why people get free through forgiving prayers and then don’t stay free — because the curses keep coming from people who hate us.
    I think the Wellspring forgiving prayers technique is very worthwhile though, even though i don’t think they have complete understanding yet. I probably did about 10 sessions of this counseling under a person who was taught by Art. It was totally worth it! And it’s a great way to learn to hear God’s voice, for those who have difficulty in this area. In fact, I was totally amazed at how much and often God spoke after I prayed all of these prayers to forgive people. I wrote what God said into my laptop as I said out loud to the counselor what I was hearing.
    Wellspring has a lot of experience in counseling natives. I don’t know if you actually are or not, but there is a lot of generational demonic yuck that cultures have, that can be broken through specific prayers. And Wellspring has done this a lot with people of native heritage. I would have to say they are VERY loving toward natives, as well. And they understand the great strengths of the native culture — the propensity for being sensitive to the Spirit, for example. And satan tries to get everyone to follow his spirits instead. And he’s done a good job in all cultures. Hate and anger is off the charts in America.
    Regarding painful memories. We all have bad memories, but if we keep on thinking about them they’re probably painful to some degree. Jesus wants to and can set us free to be able to love the person, releasing what they’ve done or are doing to us.
    When people are really bugged by us (or bothered to the max by us), they often will entertain hateful thoughts towards us. And bammo, wappo, these spirits will take us out if we don’t learn how to totally forgive — like Jesus and like Stephen did. Imagine the hate and anger toward these two humans (I personally believe Jesus could have sinned, but always forgave — “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”). We’re supposed to walk like Jesus did. He always did what pleased his father. We have all of these choices, minute by minute. Who will we serve? Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.
    At least so far, Art and I differ here. Art reads Romans 8 far differently than I do. I explain my take on it and other NT scriptures that discuss who goes to heaven in my post with that name: “Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way” I would love to sit down and discuss this topic with Art, so hopefully we can get on the same page and work together in our differing roles. This is such an important doctrine. If people really knew they had to be holy internally…. This is by far the greatest deception, and I’m so glad that I don’t have to see what Jesus sees when people are told the truth by Him when they die and see Him face to face, and they aren’t clean, largely because they were taught that Jesus was clean for us so we don’t have to be, or other lies. Every culture seems to have them, and it’s all demonic, and it’s destroying America, along with all of these lives, eternally.
    We need revival, real christianity, people being one with each other, actually in Christ — where there is “no condemnation” when we don’t walk according to the flesh but by the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8) put to death the misdeeds of the body.
    We’re finally going to see revival, but apparently not before America is basically done as a nation. And this is so sad to me, because I believe the heart of the deception has been doctrinal, and that if we could only get on the same page doctrinally we’d have revival. But people, especially church leaders fight people (including themselves) learning the truth, tooth and nail. There is so much hate and lack of relaxation when it comes to Biblical interpretation. And so little fear of God. For the brainwashing/mind-control has twisted the scriptures to teach that was just Old Testament. I think this started mostly with Luther. But there are so many New Testament scriptures that teach the fear of God even more strongly.
    For example, with lust: Jesus said in Mt. 5 that we basically need to do whatever we need to do so we don’t lust in our heart, so we don’t lose our body in hell. But Luther thought the Sermon on the Mount wasn’t attainable, so he wrote it off. He actually subordinated entire Books of the NT, basically throwing them out because they didn’t agree with his salvation doctrine, which is pretty much mainstream today.
    We need to get back to the Scriptures, and church leaders who are experts in one area shouldn’t presume to be experts in all areas, especially in subjects they’ve hardly studied and have prayed about.
    I’m saying this in part because all of us will do much better when we have real churches to be able to fellowship in (or with — brothers and sisters who are in one accord with us and the Holy Spirit).
    In the meantime, it’s much harder to do it on our own, for the hate and anger is fierce out there.
    We will definitely be praying for you and your family, and please pray for ONE to happen — that we may all be one together — without pride and stuborness and whatever getting in the way. That people would get right with those they’ve hurt.
    We can’t control others, but we can get right with those we’ve hurt, to get the planks out of our own eyes….
    People who hurt people and don’t get it right are in a bad place, and we should feel sorry for them, for their future is very grim unless they repent — no matter what “Christian” radio says over and over and over, ad nauseum false doctrine, brainwashing people as the water keeps getting hotter and hotter but the frogs don’t jump out.
    We need to sound the alarm: JUMP OUT! But then we look weird, which has been said of me. Well, so be it. Everyone will learn one day the truth. But we need revival now! So many people are hurting, yet churches are so dead that God is staying away.
    I see tangible fruit in one right now, but there is still a long way to go. So much pride and so little of loving our neighbor as ourself.
    God bless you, Peggy. You definitely need a major breakthrough. The main thing is to get and keep your own heart pure, whatever it takes to do that. And I highly recommend Wellspring to help with some of these serious issues. And it’s so cool to then hear what God says after praying these repentance and forgiving-others prayers. A really good counselor will listen to what the Holy Spirit says and will steer sessions in that direction. It’s an amazing thing!
    Peggy, thanks for being honest and reaching out. And if you want me to remove your last name from your posts, let me know.
    Also, if you don’t already pray in tongues, please do this. Everybody can and should, and you can pray this way for your children and people who act like they’re our enemies too. It’s a way to pray perfectly without seeing all the yuck, the demonic forces we’re dealing with. I don’t think Wellspring is much into this very important gift, either. But the more junk we deal with, the more we should be (need to be) praying in tongues — like Paul.
    And you can pray this way for your children, and for those who are praying against (cursing) your children. It’s very powerful. Then you never have to worry about praying against someone, cursing someone yourself. Pray it through in tongues and leave it at that. Don’t ever wish evil on people. Stay clean.
    God bless you!!! If I’m still not making total sense, please let me know.
    I should say that hardly anyone is learning how to forgive at this time to the point where they are demon free. To me, this is by far the hardest thing to always live free in. And I still work on it much of the time. Because I get hit hard. People hate me with a passion, and I’m only trying to help, only offering the truth. It totally upsets the apple cart though; even though, the apple cart is full of holes, in reality.
    I personally want to be like Stephen in how he lived, in how he loved his enemies so completely that he wasn’t freaked out at all when they stoned him to death; though, he only was telling them the truth — under the anointing of the Holy Spirit even. And Paul was in that group. Paul saw how Stephen loved no matter what — when they gnashed their teeth at him, killing them with rocks they through with their hands.
    People won’t always love us when we do the right thing, but the main thing is that we love everyone no matter what they do to us. And the more of us that overcome in this way the more God will show up and the easier it will be to love everyone no matter what.
    God bless you!!!
    Jeff Fenske : )

    • Anonymous

      Oh man, this is the some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I needed this today like crazy and it is helping me to overcome. I got so excited I had to stop and do a praise and shout to God and then pray in tongues. I love your heart brother, you are such a blessing. I’m so glad I found this page today and I know God led me to it. I want to live holy and clean also all my life and not give into sin. It has been a great battle for me lately but I truly want to overcome and have the victory!!

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