Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Ron Paul: “Fascism Comes Wrapped In A Flag, Carrying A Cross”





Fenske on Chuck Norris’ “Would Jesus Support War?” – ‘a God of War’ & ‘*a* Prince of Peace”


[video] John Hagee calls for a preemptive strike on Iran

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  1. Debbie L.

    Once again, Ron Paul’s views match mine, right on the money! Also not so suble from the Huckabee camp is the joke about the ad *play it backwards and it says Paul is Dead, Paul is dead*. Huckabee scares me. Very much. Just like our born again Christian President Bush. Yikes!
    First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack, then you win. Apparently we’re in attack mode now.

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