Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

[video] Sid Roth Interviews John Paul Jackson On The Coming Perfect Storm. "The Woes of 2012! The Woes of 2012!" And Beyond-Asbury, 'ONE'-Happens, All-Get-Healed REVIVAL!!!!!!!

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God has given proven prophet John Paul Jackson insight into the future of America. This week John Paul shares what God has shown him of a coming “Perfect Storm” capable of bringing unpredictable calamity to the United States through the elements of war, politics, economics, religion and geophysical issues. Hear John Paul discuss these future events and how you can prepare for the coming Perfect Storm.

Select excerpts from the It’s Supernatural transcript, (available here as pdf file):

SID ROTH: Now you saw some specific dates. What were they?

JOHN PAUL JACKSON: I saw the year 2010 was going to be very difficult, especially as you get further into 2010. I saw the year, I kept hearing an angel saying in a deep loud voice, “The woes of 2012. The woes of 2012. The woes of 2012.” I don’t know what those woes are, Sid. The angel did not tell me about those woes. But there was more emphasis on those woes than almost anything else that I was given.


JOHN PAUL: Some of the things I saw that were going to be coming or were quite shaking. And one of them was the issue of drought and the issue of water becoming very, very expensive, and at some point in the future, there will be cities that water from tap, right from your kitchen faucet will be more expensive than oil is. So it’s not like talking about going to the store and buying a gallon of water. We’re talking about water that’s normally fairly inexpensive becoming very expensive. In fact, some of the things that I saw was there would be various cities in the United States that would have to evacuate thousands of people because there wasn’t enough water in the reservoirs and in the aquifers that they get the water from, to get water to all the people.

SID: What about food?

JOHN PAUL: I saw a blight coming to hybrid seeds, and that would bring a type of famine to the United States. So the hybrid seeds that have been propagated by various large, huge corporations [Monsanto – editor], supposedly resistant to all kinds of things, there’s something in the DNA structure of how they propagated everything, and it will actually allow for a blight to come. Some of the seeds won’t break the ground. Some of the seeds will break the ground but never bear fruit, and so you’ll end up seeing maybe green out in the fields. There will be enough rain for them in certain areas, but they won’t come to seed. So there won’t be the corn that will be normally in the ear. There won’t be the wheat that is normally in the head of wheat. So that creates a major food shortage.

SID: Will that increase crime?

JOHN PAUL: Which would increase crime. Right.

SID: What did you see?

JOHN PAUL: Well crime, I saw crime increasing for several reasons. One, economically because there’s so many people unemployed. We’re at double-digit unemployment. And I’ve been talking about as high as over 12 percent unemployment before it’s all said and done. And that was way before, you know, at that time it was 4.5 percent, I believe, when I started talking about. But I also saw unemployment because of the economic decisions that are going to be made. I also saw the food shortages further harming the unemployed because food will be so expensive they couldn’t afford to get it. And so then, you end up seeing people actually robbing food trucks that would carry food to grocery stores. And when they would come and there would have to be armed guards riding the food trucks in order to keep the food truck waylaid or hijacked.

SID: It sounds to me like there’s going to be a great deal of fear going on.

JOHN PAUL: Yeah. One of the plans of the enemy–There’s going to be fear because of just God saying, “I’m God, you’re not,” and one of return of the fear of God to the church, first and foremost, and then to the nation. But one of the plans of the enemies is going to try to capitalize on that fear. So you have enemies of the United States that are going to be doing issues. Both China as well as the Islamic community are doing things to the United States. They’re going to begin to generate fear. And so they’re going to be doing things with the school systems. They’re going to be doing things with malls, shopping malls. There will be explosions in shopping malls that will make people afraid to go to high-traffic areas like malls would be.

SID: As a matter of fact, you saw a lot of malls closing down.

JOHN PAUL: I did. I saw a lot of malls closing down, and interestingly enough, because of the storms that happen in some of the cities, the malls were actually used as housing for the people who didn’t have homes.

SID: Hmm. And then you saw a migration of people out of the big cities.

JOHN PAUL: I did. I saw a migration of people out of big cities because of the fear that was there. There was fear of what would happen in the school systems. There was fear of what was going to be happening in just high-traffic volume areas.


SID: And with all this devastation that you see–


SID: You saw the glory of God invading Planet Earth.


SID: Tell me what you saw.

JOHN PAUL: Well the Bible talks about a time of Jacob’s trouble, a time of incredible hardships, incredible difficulties. But a lot of people don’t look at what the Lord said about the Jacob generation. The generation that’s going to see that trouble, is also going to see His glory. For in Psalms 24, it talks about the glory of God that’s going to come in. Who is this king of glory? That is the chapter that asks that incredible question. And it talks about what is going to happen. “He who ascends to the mountain the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart has not lifted up his soul to vanity.” These type of people are going to see incredible things of God. And what I saw, was I saw the glory of God invading His church again. I saw the glory of God invading homes again. I saw the glory of God invading places of worship.

SID: Get specific.

JOHN PAUL: The glory of God, what I saw was like it was thick, it was honey-like, it was like you see on the road. On a hot day, you look down the road and you’ll see a shimmering on the highway. Well this happened in the churches that I saw and the places where the Lord came down. There was a shimmering like a cylinder, a large cylinder, and varying sizes of cylinders of this shimmering, honey-colored, amberesque-colored light. But it was very thick. It was thicker than what you thought. When you got into it, you found it very difficult to move, not because you were paralyzed, but because of the thickness of the presence of the Lord. And whoever entered, Sid, anybody who walked into that glory was healed. Anybody. Anybody.

SID: Oh I love it. Let’s have it on this show.

JOHN PAUL: Amen. And I watched people; I watched mothers and fathers cry out for their children in that cylinder of glory, in the glory of God. I watched them cry out. And before they were done praying, the children ran into the sanctuary, ran into the place of worship, ran into the home declaring that they had been touched by God, and they were giving their life to Yeshua, and giving their life to the Messiah who they had now seen.

SID: You saw multiplication of food. Explain.

JOHN PAUL: I saw multiplication of food. I saw where there’s no food on tables, people, this Jacob generation would close their eyes and pray, and they would hold hands in unity, and while they were praying, food would be put into the pots that were the table. They took the lids off the pots, and there was the food, and they delivered and dished out the food to the people who were praying there. And this didn’t happen at one location. It was multiple, multiple locations. God is drawing us back to a purity of relationship with Him through Jesus.

SID: Speaking of purity, you saw in the Church no absolutes. What did you mean?

JOHN PAUL: Well I saw a growing time where the Church failed to realize the absolutes of God. They began to diminish the Word. And so there was no absolute way to get to God. And then there became no absolute one God. So then, it ended up being more of a polytheistic view of God or many types of God. And each one of us have our God…

SID: You saw horrible immorality in the church.

JOHN PAUL: I saw horrible, horrible immorality in the church. It was going to be–

SID: Some of the things you talk about here, it’s difficult to even express.

JOHN PAUL: It is. It is so vile. It is so ugly.

SID: But there’s got to be a separation of God’s people, of Jacob’s generation.


SID: And everyone else.

JOHN PAUL: It’s a Malachi 3 passage. It says, “And there’s a clear distinction between those who know God and those who don’t know their God.” And that’s what we’re going to begin to see, Sid. We’re going to see a clear separation, a clear distinction. We’re going to see leaders arise in the midst of turmoil. We’re going to see people with ideas that meet the needs of people in the midst the turmoil. We’re going to see people with innovations that meet and facilitate the delivery systems, and systemization of things. And these will be the believers that God shows his secrets to.

SID: Supernatural wisdom.

JOHN PAUL: Supernatural wisdom. Exactly.

SID: It’s the Issachar.

JOHN PAUL: Here’s a verse that’s very important. It’s found in Psalms 25:14. “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him.” Now what is the secret of the Lord? It’s anything that God hasn’t revealed. Meaning, how do you do this? What is the secret to DNA? What is the secret to this particular type of healing process? What is the secret to various things? And you’re going to have people being given secrets from the Lord, because He’s going to keep his covenant with them.

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  1. LeRoy Fladseth

    November 11, 2009
    Mr. Sid Roth –
    I purchased and received the DVD “The Perfect Storm” in the mail a few days ago, put it on my computer, and it began to play the opening page, over, and over and over and over again. And that is all. I tried calling and spoke with someone on the phone from the Ministry of John Paul Jackson, and was told that they could not help me because they had no record of my order, and that I would have to contact Sid Roth. Well I tried three times yesterday, both by phone and e-mail. NO RESPONSE. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM THAT SID ROTH OR STAFF WILL NOT RESPOND?????
    So, I’m trying to contact you again. Phone #517-323-7290. Please call.
    LeRoy Fladseth

  2. Dear brother Sid Roth, I just want to ‘Thank you’ for posting all these wonderful messages in the nets. I am from singapore. Yes we have many Churches and many denominations. The sad part is that though the messages are from the bible but the interpretation are just very plesaing to people ears. some have turned to read from your web-site to seek the truth coming events. There are many don’t know what is going to happen. We are much appreciated if you could up-date more often so that we can keep closed to God. People can get the lives right and cling on to the heart-beats of Yeshua. Thank you again and May ‘Yeshua blesses you. Joyce

  3. Rosemary

    Hello Sid Roth,
    I want to buy for a gift 2CD’S that John Paul Jackson was selling I think last year, 2009, about Basic Dreams and Visions. It was a set of 2 and the price was $20.00. Do you still have them for sale?
    Please let me know. Thanks,

  4. Elwar

    Is John Paul Jackson a real prophet of God?

    • Jeff Fenske

      I was hoping someone who knows John Paul Jackson better than I do would respond. Since no one has, though this post has been read by many….
      Many people are called to be prophets. It’s one of the five ministry gifts in Ephesians 4, but most openly prophetic people aren’t holy enough to be trusted, in my experience. I found the Elijah List to mainly be disinfo that hardly ever called the church to holiness and real Christianity. These are false prophets, who say everything is okay when it is not. [If this is no longer true of the Elijah List, anyone, please correct me. I haven’t looked at what they’ve put out in recent years.]
      John’s prophecy, here, is quite different. He talks about a return of the fear of the Lord to the church. This is the opposite of what the so many of the so-called prophetic people have been putting out.
      For example, Jackson said this:
      “‘He who ascends to the mountain the Lord with clean hands and a pure heart has not lifted up his soul to vanity.’ These type of people are going to see incredible things of God.”
      Real prophets talk like this. Real prophets bring people back to God and into right relationships with each other.
      That’s about all I can say besides what I said in my introduction about John here:
      Jeff Fenske

  5. Hello Saints,
    We see that this prohecy has birth new meaning. For example, the oil crisis in the gulf. If this prolong for days’ it would have consequences. The need for water would become a commidty. This prochecy from Sir John has birth new light “that I saw was there would be various cities in the United States that would have to evacuate thousands of people because there wasn’t enough water in the reservoirs and in the aquifers that they get the water from, to get water to all the people”.

    • @ Regina:
      Yeah, you know he said water is going to be expensive? When I heard about the gulf oil spill, I thought “this will begin that water price will go up!”…
      That’s why now I’m brave enough to post the video in Youtube but I didn’t know someone else already posted it… 🙂

    • Jeff Fenske

      Thanks for sharing, Regina and Timothy!
      This water subject is interesting.
      I’ve been following the oil disaster somewhat on my other site, ToBeFree. Some are predicting that inland water could also be poisoned because of the acid rain that may result from the poisonous oil disaster gasses.
      It’s possible they’ll stop the leak, so maybe this is just a foretaste of what’s to come if there are earthquakes that brake open the sea floor in the future. Many are predicting earthquakes in 2012, when they say gravitational forces may increase due to the planets and the stars and a black hole would line up?
      I haven’t really researched it yet, so I don’t know how valid this theory is. It could happen way later instead. But it’s really interesting to me to see how the oil often makes the ocean look red from this gusher, knowing that John said in Revelation that part of the sea would be turned into blood. It sure looks red to me.
      This photo is probably an extreme example, but I’ve seen this in many photos now, as well as on TV. And if BP wouldn’t be using so much dispersant, a lot more red-looking oil would be floating on the surface.
      Some are also saying that 2012 is the Satanically led globalists timetable, whether giant natural disasters do happen or not, but I don’t know if that’s true info or not.
      Regardless, it’s always the right time to get real Christianity going. And the worse things get the more that people will be interested — which can make the worst of times be in some ways the best of times.
      God bless!
      Jeff Fenske

  6. Deborah

    This man has a glow about him and I believe him!

  7. lene Johnson

    Please send me up dates.Thank you.

  8. I will begin my comment by quoting God’s Word.
    “If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder,
    And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them;
    Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 13:1-3
    “And they will deceive every one his neighbour, and will not speak the truth: they have taught their tongue to speak lies, and weary themselves to commit iniquity.” Jeremiah 9:5
    “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
    And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
    But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Matthew 24:11-13
    “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24
    “For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.” Romans 16:18
    “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thessalonians 2:3
    “And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground.” 1 Samuel 3:19
    Now you be the judge. Has John Paul Jackson said anything which has not come to pass? Has there been any attempts on President Obama’s life? Was there a real swine flu epidemic? (
    He also say’s that we each have our own god. It is clear to me this man is a false prophet.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Please be careful before you throw stones.
      As I said above, I don’t know John very well at all, but I’m impressed by his call to holiness, which is very different than what most of the charismatic ‘prophets’ have been prophesying.
      Also, it is very important that John said this is to be fulfilled during the next 10 years, which he said just a bit more than a year ago. That leaves almost 9 more years for these things to be fulfilled!
      I listened to this again, for the first time since posting it, so I could consider some of the things you said.
      You said: “He also say’s that we each have our own god,” but John is talking how this will be part of the abomination that is coming.
      Regarding the President Obama assassination attempt, isn’t he only halfway through? And there are two other factors here. We might not necessarily know if this had happened. The Feds don’t tell us a lot of things, and their lying is off of the charts. Look at how they almost certainly lied about the missile launched off of California’s coast: A shot across the bow: Missile expert says southern California projectile was a foreign-made cruise or ICBM missile launched from a submarine
      Also, did you hear Sid’s response? ~”We must pray that this doesn’t happen.”
      I personally believe that people can change outcomes of some prophecies if they repent and/or pray. Some prophecies are about what will happen if we don’t repent and/or pray. I suspect that most of these things are coming. The people aren’t repenting hardly at all.
      I suspect the real test will be what happens in 2012. If we get through 2012 without a lot of “woes,” then we could probably say that John to a significant degree missed it here. But what I’m seeing at ToBeFree (my mainly secular site — see the articles in the Timing Predictions category via the Category pull-down menu) doesn’t look good for 2012 — and that is apart from the Mayan calendar predictions stuff and the planet alignment, which I haven’t really looked into much.
      You mention swine flu. Did John even say anything about swine flu? If so, I missed it. And if so, isn’t there almost 9 more years for this to happen according to John?
      Having now seen Jesse Ventura’s Great Lakes episode of his Conspiracy Theory show, I thought John’s words on water very much synched with what Jesse discovered. See for yourself here: All Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Documentaries In One Place — Season I and II
      The only thing that I know for sure is that when people really draw near to God God will draw near to them. I see a huge revival coming, and I think John is calling it. But we don’t have to wait until we lose everything. We should have had revival decades ago, when we could have saved this nation from what is now coming down the pike (whether it is specifically these things or not, it’s going to be bad from what I’m seeing at ToBeFree especially).
      Why not become men and women of TOTAL integrity right now? And that means if we’ve hurt people we need to always admit it and get right with the people, if possible. You may have such an opportunity here, if you find that you were wrong in judging John so harshly.
      Notice why revival happened at Asbury. They publicly confessed their sins to one another and God showed up in His glory: Asbury Revival, 1970: “‘Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?’ … Three days later, she came to me radiant, and she said, ‘Dr. Kinlaw, I’m free!’”
      What is passing for Christianity in America right now is often not even Christian. And a lot of that is because the people (especially the church leaders) have ignored the real prophets, those God has sent to warn them and help the church be what it is clearly supposed to be — the scriptures I have listed in my header at the top of this page.
      That’s the way I see it. Correct me if I’m wrong, and if I am I’ll admit it.
      John talked about how there will be no absolutes. I think that is already happening among ‘Christians’ in a big way. There is no fear of God among most, it seems. But if you’ve read Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?, you would know that the fear of God should have never left the church.
      We are reaping what we’ve sowed. What is coming is directly because of the church’s disobedience: The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit?
      We have no one to blame but ourselves. It’s frustrating to me because I was one of those who was trying to get revival happening, trying to get people to get right with those who they hurt. And for the most part, I experienced the “kill the messenger” response.
      Now we have another chance to see real Christianity happen among us to the degree that we can have a permanent Asbury.
      Don’t you see how wonderful John’s words are in the second half of this interview?
      This is a call to holiness. This isn’t prophecy as a hobby.
      This is the heart of God — the word of the Lord for this moment. It’s time to repent.
      Jesus said in Matthew 5:23, 24 — and I’m writing this for everyone who is interested in seeing what John is saying happen really soon:

      “If therefore you are offering your gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has anything against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

      There shouldn’t even be one person who we can think of that we haven’t gotten right with. If there is we should run, for who knows if we’ll even be here to see tomorrow.
      This is how the Third Great Awakening will happen.
      May it start with us really, really soon. How about in 2011 — before the “Woes” start!
      Jeff Fenske

    • Christine Petrov

      The near destruction of the earth by a flood in Noah’s day was postponed again and again by the grace and mercy of God.. Which is why Methuselah lived to be older than any other man ever. His prophetic name meant, ‘His death will bring’. His death, as you see, was postponed again and again and then finally, the flood came. It is my observation that people – which see through a glass darkly – tend to apply their own prism to events. The Biblical reality is that things which are accurately prophesied, do not happen necessarily when WE expect them to. 2012 was one of a series of terrible years, as we fell darker into the abyss that the US currently finds itself. The reelection of the satanist in the White House was only partial evidence of the demise. Today the US is on the brink of complete destruction. There is a worldwide mobilization of arms going on behind the scenes, many of us who are in or were in the military, can see it. But this is not just the US and NATO nations, it is Russia and China. Are you aware that China’s army has more soldiers than the entire population of the United States? Had Hillary been elected, Putin would have launched nuclear weapons, to preempt what they are certain, she intended to do first. It is well known in the military, that the first deployer of nuclear weapons, wins. So we saw a unmitigated grace and mercy in the successful election of the alternative. So to summarize, because you have not seen the full breadth of what has been predicted by far too many prophets of God INCLUDING Jeremiah and John, relative to the destruction of the United States.. does not mean at all.. that it is not still in the works.

      • In this category at my other main blog, I have over 100 articles on the USA being nuked and EMPd by Russia and China:
        Joel Skousen has shown that both Russia and China aren’t quite ready to invade US yet. We’re likely at least 5 years away, but that’s still very soon. We PDD 60 also says that we won’t launch until struck. No longer do we have “launch on first warning.”
        Dumitru Duduman’s prophecies are also very interesting!

  9. Yelena

    Personally, I am convinced that we have all the prophecy that God wants us to have in His Word. The Bible is complete and expounds on not only what has been but will be. Why look for more? God does not need men to prove His words anymore. In the Old Testament times, yes, there was no fulness…no completion. Jesus has finished the work, the Apostles and faithful disciples through the Holy Ghost have given us the rest. Why do men seek more signs? Let us be grateful for what God has given and stick to His immutable Word.

    • Jeff Fenske

      But what does the Bible say about prophets and prophecy? I recommend this book: The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today. Wayne Grudem answers this question.
      And I’ll mention a few verses. Peter says in Acts 2:

      17 ‘It will be in the last days, says God, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions. Your old men will dream dreams.

      18 Yes, and on my servants and on my handmaidens in those days, I will pour out my Spirit, and they will prophesy.

      Jesus spoke in John 14-16 how it was actually better for Him to go so He could send the Holy Spirit to lead believers into all truth.
      John says more in his first epistle, chapter 2:

      17 The world is passing away with its lusts, but he who does God’s will remains forever.

      18 Little children, these are the end times, and as you heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have arisen. By this we know that it is the final hour. 19 They went out from us, but they didn’t belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have continued with us. But they left, that they might be revealed that none of them belong to us. 20 You have an anointing from the Holy One, and you all have knowledge. 21 I have not written to you because you don’t know the truth, but because you know it, and because no lie is of the truth. 22 Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the Antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. 23 Whoever denies the Son, the same doesn’t have the Father. He who confesses the Son has the Father also. 24 Therefore, as for you, let that remain in you which you heard from the beginning. If that which you heard from the beginning remains in you, you also will remain in the Son, and in the Father.

      25 This is the promise which he promised us, the eternal life.

      26 These things I have written to you concerning those who would lead you astray. 27 As for you, the anointing which you received from him remains in you, and you don’t need for anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is no lie, and even as it taught you, you will remain in him.

      28 Now, little children, remain in him, that when he appears, we may have boldness, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.

      Yelena, what you are talking about is Sola Scriptura (only Scripture). This sounds high and lofty but it’s a doctrine of demons that convinces people they don’t need to be led by the Holy Spirit, God Himself, which Paul said is required to be a child of God. Romans 8:

      1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who don’t walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and of death. 3 For what the law couldn’t do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God did, sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, he condemned sin in the flesh; 4 that the ordinance of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

      5 For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. 6 For the mind of the flesh is death, but the mind of the Spirit is life and peace….

      12 So then, brothers, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. 13 For if you live after the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. 14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are children of God.

      It’s pretty clear. And Paul said that prophets are supposed to be an essential part of church leadership. Ephesians 4:

      10 He who descended is the one who also ascended far above all the heavens, that he might fill all things. 11 He gave some to be apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, shepherds and teachers; 12 for the perfecting of the saints, to the work of serving, to the building up of the body of Christ; 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a full grown man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; 14 that we may no longer be children, tossed back and forth and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, in craftiness, after the wiles of error; 15 but speaking truth in love, we may grow up in all things into him, who is the head, Christ; 16 from whom all the body, being fitted and knit together through that which every joint supplies, according to the working in measure of each individual part, makes the body increase to the building up of itself in love.

      So why hasn’t the above happened in our midst? First, many aren’t really open to what the Bible says. They say they are, but are they really?
      The truth is that God sovereignly decided that He wants to lead us directly through the Holy Spirit, which He stated clearly in the Bible. And here He shows that He has gifted certain people to hear from Him words for the people. Though the church has mostly ignored and even James-3 cursed the prophets. They think four of these five ministries is enough, “thank you.”
      And because of the disobedience to not being willing to hear what God has to say directly and through the prophets regarding what is supposed to happen, described in this passage (which is also in the header at the top of this page), the ‘church’ really mostly isn’t even the church. Most Christians are actually going to hell because of willful disobedience.
      And because the church has refused to listen to the people God sent, America is going down: ‘Let Us Be ONE’ Prophecy Continues 10/8/08: “It’s TOO LATE to REVERSE what’s been done for MY MEN have been REJECTED … Now is the Time to OVERCOME and GET RIGHT With ALL … FREEeeeeeeeeeeeee———DOM at last … Your HEART will SWELL with LOVE and it will be EASY to REMAIN In Me when others are On The BOAT With You.” This is the prophecy that I got which convinced me that things would only get worse from then on. And they have and are. You don’t have to believe this, but perhaps there are others who are interested if you’re not.
      There is an interesting scripture that I don’t think I’ve yet brought up in this blog, but I think it applies to this Ephesians 4 passage. Matthew 10:41

      He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward.

      Because the modern church has mostly shunned prophets and prophetic people, we have not received the reward from what the prophets had to give in order for Ephesians 4 to be fulfilled.
      If God gave five gifts, but the ‘church’ only accepts four, there is no wonder why Ephesians 4 isn’t even hardly taught anymore by even charismatic churches.
      Churches don’t teach the Biblical goals anymore in part because they aren’t achieving them because they have shunned the prophets, choosing leaders who are funny and have a nice personality but who hardly or not even at all hear from God what God is trying to tell the church.
      Jesus is supposed to be Head of the church. Who will lead us into all truth? Will the Bible lead us into all truth?
      The Bible says the Holy Spirit, God, Himself will lead us into all truth. And a major way is through the prophets and prophetic people who have words from God for the church, so Ephesians 4 can and will happen in our midst — just like it did in Acts and in other times in church history.
      So Yelena and everyone else reading, do you really believe what the Bible says in order to really believe what it says about the Holy Spirit and prophets and prophecy?
      Today, real, obedient prophets get James-3 cursed by ‘Christians’ every single day. Demons drive ‘Christians’ to hate and pray against prophetic people so Ephesians 4 won’t happen. Pastors are particularly good at it. Dennis Cramer: “Most ‘Christians’ curse for the purpose of retaliation and vindication … ‘Christian’ leaders are even more vulnerable” That’s how they keep control; though, it’s costing them their salvation as well as having no lasting fruit — shunning God’s gift to the body of Christ. They think their effervescent personality and their pastoral gifting is enough.
      It’s time again to have fully Biblical goals and recruit the prophetic people without which Ephesians 4 can’t be realized.
      What has happened is a sham, and is responsible for the fall of America. Now everyone will suffer. Our only hope now is for Ephesians 4 to truly happen in our midst. And for that to happen we need the prophets.
      What are you going to do when there is no food on the table? What did John say will happen?
      It’s time to get this revival going now, you all!
      Jeff Fenske

  10. One really needs to be critical when it comes to what others are speaking, in the name of God. Notice that when John Paul Jackson speaks, he never says, “Thus saith the Lord.” He can’t because God didn’t say it. You can go ahead and fall for every whim, I choose to listen to what God says in His Holy Bible over what anyone else is speaking in this day and age. And just like the false prophets of old spoke peace unto the false doctrine believers, there is no difference in this day and age. True prophecy has already been spoken. I can assure you, Jesus, as he always did, hit the nail on the head when He said that the days of His second coming was going to be as it was in the days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah. The only spiritual movement in this wicked day will be the movement of the Antichrist, trying to prove himself to be God.
    I’d rather be like Noah, and have everyone criticizing me, than to be one who likes to join any band wagon, headed to destruction.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Your response here reminds me of the stubbornness of Harry R. Truman, the guy who was warned repeatedly that Mt. St. Helens would soon blow but he wouldn’t budge. And even his cats died with him.
      You’re not really this defiant toward prophets and the Holy Spirit speaking through people today, are you — especially when the New Testament insists that we have to be led by the Spirit just in order to be Christians?
      Remember, we’ll be judged for every idle word we speak — and especially attack-dog comments when the attack mode isn’t appropriate. There is almost 9 more years for these events to occur! What’s up? Why are you so hard on this guy?
      Don’t you fear God? Aren’t you concerned about falling into the hands of an angry God (Hebrews 10)? “It’s a dreadful thing,” it says.
      What if John did hear and/or see correctly here? What if it happens just like he says? What if 2012 is indeed woeful? Will you then admit you were wrong in condemning him? And all of this time you weren’t right with God or him for how you treated a brother.
      Perhaps Psalm 50 will speak to you: [WordPower • Psalm 50] God Warns: “You have done these things, and I kept silent. You thought that I was just like you. … Now consider this…lest I tear you into pieces and there be none to deliver” (Hell?)
      This is serious, John. I hope you change your mind and leave Attack Dog Mountain before it’s too late.
      Just because most prophetic people are willfully sinning so they have evil spirits influencing them doesn’t mean that all are that way.
      The words that I’ve heard and put down in this blog were from the still small voice, and there weren’t any other voices that said otherwise.
      But when I’ve thought that I may have had a spiritual dream to share I’ve been careful to give clear disclaimers if I wasn’t sure if the dream was from God and meant to be prophetic or not, such as here: My Dream: The Name of the Antichrist Revealed?
      And I’m watching Biden at ToBeFree, where there is a Joe Biden category. John, imagine if President Obama did actually get assassinated, Joe Biden would then be President. And if he really is the Antichrist….
      And I like how John Jackson (I don’t know what’s up with the “John Paul” name choice. They call serial killers and hitmen patsies by all three names) said that he didn’t know for sure if his dream about the space shuttle was supposed to be prophetic or not until it happened. He’s showing some humility, don’t you think?
      First, what does the Bible say about prophets and people hearing from the Spirit in general — which I shared in the above comment?
      So if you trust the Bible like I do you have to admit that prophecy is still supposed to happen, and a main reason for the ‘church’ not looking at all like the Scriptures I have posted in my header at the top of this page is that the church has dissed the true prophets, largely because they don’t tell the pastors what they want to hear. They tell the pastors what they should hear. Real, chosen-by-God pastors should want to work together with real, chosen-by-God prophets. The prophets will watch their backside and make sure they don’t fall into error too.
      I would love to work with a called-by-God pastor who really wants to hear and do the truth no matter what. Jesus wants to lead the church. Right now, we have a bunch of smiley preachers who mostly don’t even hear from God.
      Preachers are the main people responsible for sub-Biblical Christianity happening, which is the main reason for the fall of the United States.
      John, here is saying that a revival is coming, but only those who are pure in heart will participate and experience it. I often use the color red for heart because it is the heart we must focus on to get it clean. This is a key area where the demons can lie and affect Christians to attack people who shouldn’t be attacked to that degree, for example.
      David said “create in me a clean heart, oh God.” We really need to pay attention to our hearts to keep them totally clean. The Bible talks about the heart almost 1,000 times. It’s more than a pump. We should always have love for people in our heart, loving all people as much as we love ourselves — the second greatest commandment. Otherwise we’re clanging gongs (1 Cor. 13, the love chapter). Those who are Christ’s have crucified their flesh (Gal. 5). We’re told to even our enemies from our hearts (Mt. 5 & 18) or the tormentors can torment us (the demons). And we need to always love God with all of our heart… — the greatest commandment.
      I encourage you to think and pray about these things. Just because you feel compelled to do something from within doesn’t mean that it is right. Christians can be demon driven big-time! I get James-3 cursed by demon driven ‘Christians’ many times every single day.
      If we’re going to hate anything it should be evil, never ever people.
      We can do this. We can fulfill what God called us to do.
      And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if you are actually called to be a prophet yourself, or at least have some prophetic in you. But overseers must be blameless, Paul said. Overseers must walk in love.
      Paul made sure that he was right with everyone, and we should do the same if we’re to be used by God and not heap judgment upon ourselves saying things about people we shouldn’t.
      I don’t know if you’ve checked out my ToBeFree site or not, but I say some stuff about people there as well as here at ONEcanhappen. I try to be really careful though. And if I would ever find that I said something wrong or too harshly I would admit it, and already have in my personal and internet lives.
      Revival starts with us. If we’re not right with God and each other when this stuff comes down we’re going to get the full whammy without being able to rest in the comfort and power of God throughout. This scares me and propels me even with more dedication to do everything I can to help the Third Great Awakening happen in 2011. If we wait till the last minute it will be too late to be ready. God told me this in my Let Us Be ONE prophecy [and by the way, I never say “Thus saith the Lord” unless God would give me those words, which He did, but only one time, in a short prophecy to an older church leader who was brought up on the King James.]

      Now is the Time to Get Ready, Full of Me

      A way that is right for a man is not My way. You must obey.

      No heroes,
      no John Waynes,
      none that disobey,
      thinking they are so cool.

      I hope you see this, that the world can’t give you life. It’s not full, and pride will cease. Watch it get squashed when the end-times come, the final days the world will see. I will come with a sword, and few will recognize that I am the one who died for their sins, and be thankful, because then it will be too late. Now is the day of salvation. Now is the time to get ready, full of Me.

      Strengthen your loins. Make haste to obey. Fill yourselves with righteousness for all to see. Then they will be glad, because you obeyed. Many will follow when the time is right.

      Now many are weary. They mistrust. They judge without love. They need to respect My opinion. Then they can relax, once they are in Me — anger no more. Rebellion will cease.

      A new way has come, leading many into victory, where they can stay in Me and never get out. We can be one. Many will see it and be glad—for you obeyed.


      Failed Churches…Hate that Destroys the Yoke of Unity

      There is much to learn. Many have gone awry. Many despair, thinking they know the answers, but they don’t work. You’ve seen it, churches that failed, and then there are others that mock but look pretty as you stand inside. But you can feel the muck.

      Look around; see the light that wants to illuminate all who remain steadfast, not moving where they say, but doing what is right—a love of a different kind. Not regulations that kill and destroy the life I have for everybody, but a new way.

      Hope for iniquity to be found out, so we can become clean as a body. Pray for it: the anger to cease, the hate that destroys the yoke of unity. It is a yukky, terrible thing, full of lies that destroy: that we can be one and still have love when hate lingers, festering.

      Listen. See My face. It is above, full of anger at My church when they hate. I hate wrath that is unholy, that is directed at those inside who obey.

      Jealousy, there is so much. Why not pray? Why not be like Me. Do you realize that what is to come is so full of wrath, and you want to be on the winning side at all costs.

      Give your life to Me, now, while there is still time to prepare. If you wait, others cannot take you into where you belong. A crash course can’t happen at the last minute, enough to get you in, because you are festering with demons.

      Your heart won’t change if you let rebellion keep you from Me now. Now is the day of salvation. Why wait?

      We must learn to get our hearts free of every single demon that drives us to sin. Then we can be free and ready for the really, really tough times that are coming.
      That’s my plea to you, John and anyone else who is listening. And I hope you can see that this is God’s plea. I really did hear from God.
      I absolutely believe the written Word of God, and it says in Revelation 21 that all liars will end up in the Lake of Fire. I’m telling you the truth in what I wrote in the introduction about how this prophecy came about.
      I hope you’re tracking with me here. And I hope you are working hard at forgiving others. I’m finding it a lot easier when I think like Jesus did when He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. It’s been hard for me to understand how born-again, Holy-Spirit-indwelt believers can hate me so fiercely, wishing evil on me without knowing what they’re doing. But I do know for sure that it is a lot easier for me to forgive them when I think this way. And perhaps demon-driven ‘Christians’ don’t really know what they’re doing at least to a great extent.
      And please read Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? This shows what the Bible really says, countering the main theological doctrine that is the root cause of America’s demise. The Lutheran doctrine in Nazi Germany was the basis for the people letting Hitler rise to power there.
      Jesus said: “blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” Many “Christians” aren’t even close.
      We all must “work out our salvation through fear and trembling.” Paul did really say that. And he said a lot of other things that pastors don’t like to talk about but I have.
      I just posted Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young: All Along The Watchtower — “No reason to get excited,” the thief [through all-smiles pastors] he kindly spoke. … Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late!”
      “We must not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late.”
      John, so there you have it. I spent over an hour of my life trying to help you, brother (and perhaps other readers) see what is really going on.
      We can’t be hating others and thinking we’re going to heaven. See the scriptures in Who-Goes-To-Heaven….
      The Bible is really clear, but a powerful Satanic conspiracy has hidden from most as to what the Bible really says.
      Most ‘Christians’ really are full of evil spirits that make them feel certain ways. We need to put on the full armor of God so we can “quench all of the fiery arrows of the evil one.” And Ephesians 6 goes on to say:

      18 with all prayer and requests, praying at all times in the Spirit [in tongues], and being watchful to this end in all perseverance and requests for all the saints….

      Praying in tongues is very important. I have a category called Pray Perfectly in Tongues, if you’re interested. No doubt, you’ve been cursed. You can pray perfectly for those who have James-3 cursed you too.
      “It’s fun,” I think I just heard God say to encourage you. It actually is fun to be able to help others get free while actually feeling ourselves get free from real evil spirits. See A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls), which is also from my Let Us Be ONE prophecy.
      I hope this makes sense to you, John.
      Our warfare isn’t against flesh and blood. It’s against demons that we don’t even see, but can feel if we give them a place by not letting the sun go down on our anger — by not forgiving everyone from our hearts (Matthew 18). Jesus actually allows the demons to ‘torment’ us as an incentive to learn how to walk totally in love, for “perfect love casts out all fear.” Less than perfect love doesn’t. Less than perfect love gives demons a right… (Eph. 4).
      Power to the peaceful!
      Jeff Fenske

  11. Anyone who doesn’t make the Authorized Bible, ahem, the King James Version, their final Authority misses the boat. It is our road map and guide, the pure unadulterated Word of God. Every person who ever existed will be judged by it, when we all stand before God on judgment day. I suggest you read it thoroughly, knowing that it is tried as silver seven times over.
    “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” 2 Timothy 3 16-17
    If we are to deviate away from God’s pure Word, we are in danger of hell fire. I have nothing to fear but God and only God. There is nothing that John Jackson states that aligns with God’s Word; therefore, there is nothing that John Jackson or Rick Joyner (no difference) has to say which I need to fear.
    I do have to admit, this guy is slick; nevertheless, his words are nothing compared to God’s Word which is even better. So who are you going to believe, God’s Word, or John Paul Jackson?

    • Jeff Fenske

      The Authorized Version is an excellent translation. I would use it and recommend it if I spoke and read 1611 English, but we don’t, so people can misread it because of the outdated English.
      Thankfully, there are translations that are nearly as good, written in the language we understand.
      It is well known that King James, himself had a few of the texts in the KJV changed to suit his whims. The translation isn’t perfect like the King-James-only people insist. And “Authorized” doesn’t mean it was authorized by God.
      I think “King James only” is a knee-jerk reaction to what Westcott and Hort did. And they may not even have been Christians at all, possibly even into the occult. They came up with the new rules that messed up the Greek texts that the NIV and many other mistranslations were based upon.
      Satan knew that he couldn’t get away with adding to the Bible, so he took thousands of words away. And some are very significant, like Romans 8:1b, which is a key reason why so many pastors now teach once-saved-always-saved, which in my opinion is the main reason the USA is going down.
      I use and recommend Textus Receptus based translations, like the NKJV and the World English Bible, which is royalty free like the KJV. And I often check verses against the KJV to make sure the translation can be trusted. The NKJV has some problems, but they are few.
      Inspiration: I agree totally with the 2 Timothy scripture you quote. That’s why my teaching is so different than most of what is out there. Most pastors don’t really believe the whole New Testament. They skip many key verses that disagree with what they teach, especially about who goes to heaven. Most of these verses they ignore or spin: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — to their own damnation, leading so many astray.
      And it’s not funny! There is so much joking around by pastors who have no anointing from God that they can rest in. So they resort to humor and funny stories — entertainment instead of being Holy Spirit filled.
      It’s really sick. And these are the guys who see me as the enemy, because I insist we do believe and teach what the Bible really says.
      And the Bible really says that we are to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the Bible alone. I discuss this with PhileoTruth in the comments at Sid Roth: The missing ingredient, speaking in tongues — “I believe that God wants to restore this gift for the last great push of God’s spirit” This is part of what I wrote:

      Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) is a doctrine of demons because demons originated the idea and demons empower those who defend it. Demons also pressure people into accepting it. I think this mainly happens through ‘Christians’ who James-3 curse (‘pray’) onto others.

      The Bible is the Word of God, but the Bible isn’t God. We’re commanded to love the Lord, our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, not the Bible. Teaching that we are to be led by the Bible alone, instead of by firstly, God Himself is a form of idolatry, teaching people to follow the Book alone, not God Himself, Who is life. Jesus said in John 5:

      39 “You search the Scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and these are they which testify about me. 40 Yet you will not come to me, that you may have life.

      The New Testament teaches us that if we are to be children of God we must be led by the Holy Spirit, Himself. This is what the written word says. Demons hate this teaching, though. They want people to be led by them away from being led by the Spirit.
      Jesus, Himself was led by the Holy Spirit. He emptied Himself that much when He came to earth. See: A Call to Intimacy: The Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel & Epistles. And the Bible says we’re supposed to walk like He walked.
      But we don’t have to. We can do our own thing, but the consequences are that we cannot then be His legitimate children, and we can’t then expect to be led by Him supernaturally through the tough times that are coming.
      Most ‘Christians’ are really prodigal sons who have forsaken their birthright. Romans 8 is very clear about that in the Textus Receptus versions.
      It is well known that most ‘Christians’ feel condemnation, because they really should; though, K-LOVE and the all-smiles pastors tell them this is from the Devil, when it’s really from the Holy Spirit because of willful disobedience. There is only no condemnation if we don’t walk according to the flesh but according to the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:

      1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who don’t walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and of death. 3 For what the law couldn’t do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God did, sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, he condemned sin in the flesh; 4 that the ordinance of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

      …just like Jesus walked.
      The joy of the Lord is supposed to be our strength, but most ‘Christians’ are angry and even hate people, James-3 cursing people who are made in the image of God! These people cannot inherit the kingdom of God says Paul in Galatians 5. But those who are Christ’s have crucified their flesh.
      This is what the Bible says. We will all be judged by God who gave us the written word and His Spirit to lead us into all truth. This is what God told me to share about reading the Bible.

      Reading the Bible On Your Knees

      It’s easy; that simple. It doesn’t take a genius to understand. It takes humility. It takes reading the Bible one more time, this time on your knees, in the kitchen, or wherever you study, but on your knees, deep inside obeying, ready to see what is inside My book that I’ve donated to My body—you. See it give you life, but don’t look back to what you’ve learned it should say. Listen to Me lead you into repentance, into holy living. Let it come alive in your thinking. Let it fill you with life.

      This is what I would recommend. And this is what I wrote in Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?

      The New Testament teaches that Jesus was an example on earth that we should follow in his steps. And having read the warning scriptures that describe what will happen to us if we fall away, “working out our salvation with fear and trembling” as the Holy Spirit enables us to makes total sense.

      Phil. 2:5-16

      5 Have this in your mind, which was also in Christ Jesus, 6 who, existing in the form of God, didn’t consider it robbery to be equal with God, 7 but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men. 8 And being found in human form, he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, yes, the death of the cross. 9 Therefore God also highly exalted him, and gave to him the name which is above every name; 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, those on earth, and those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

      12 So then, my beloved, even as you have always obeyed, not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. 13 For it is God who works in you both to will and to work, for his good pleasure. 14 Do all things without murmurings and disputes, 15 that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you are seen as lights in the world, 16 holding up the word of life….

      That we may have boldness on the day of judgment.

      1 John:

      2:28 Now, little children, remain in him, that when he appears, we may have boldness, and not be ashamed before him at his coming.

      4:16 We know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and he who remains in love remains in God, and God remains in him. 17 In this[,] love has been made perfect among us, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because as he is, even so are we in this world.

      God bless!

  12. I like the fact that you have a lot of heart Jeff. I can’t agree with your theology, based on the fact that there are absolutes in value. Mathematics teaches us the fundamentals of absolutes. So does God’s Word. You’ve stated that “The Bible is the Word of God, but the Bible isn’t God. We’re commanded to love the Lord, our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, not the Bible.” This sounds contrary to John 1:1-3:
    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    The same was in the beginning with God.
    All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”
    You have also said “And the Bible really says that we are to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the Bible alone.” I have to disagree with this because I see that the Holy Spirit and God’s Word as one. God is one, in other words, there are no differences between God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Ghost, and God’s Word are all one. Nor is it mentioned in the Bible, KJV that is, that we are to follow the Spirit and not the Bible alone.
    I can agree with a lot of your words, but we need to be careful about which spirit we are following. The spirit needs to align with God’s Word. 1 John 4:1 says:
    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”
    You have also stated that “I use and recommend Textus Receptus based translations, like the NKJV and the World English Bible, which is royalty free like the KJV. And I often check verses against the KJV to make sure the translation can be trusted. The NKJV has some problems, but they are few.” The New King James has changed over 10,000 words from the original text. This is in contrary to Proverbs 30:5-6.
    “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.
    Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.”
    I find it hard to believe that the KJV would have any flaws whatsoever, in light of what Mark 13:31.
    “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.”
    I can assure you that the KJV is a perfect translation, otherwise I would be calling God a liar that He could never preserve His Word.

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  14. Charlisse Foster

    Thanks for the info and the video. Are there more new visions and prophecy?

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