The Prayer Room at IHOP: How to navigate the Archives player to watch different sessions or to pause, repeat, …

UPDATE 4/2: IHOP’s Archives Player Has Disappeared


I thought I’d share what I’ve learned about IHOP’s video archive viewer so people can see different sessions or move around in the same one. Not everyone has the gift of geek.
First, starting only in January of this year, IHOP is now offering to everyone the ability to watch the 24/7 Live webstream for free!
Click on this icon at IHOP’s home page.

To see earlier sessions, or to be able to stop, repeat, or move around in the session, click on one of the Archives players: low, medium or high quality.
When the player opens, we’re watching the Prayer Room live. The slider will be all the way to the right, and the time will be counting upward until it reaches the two-hour mark, at which time it will start over again at 0:00. A new team will already be playing in their 2-hour session.
To go back in time and view earlier sessions, click the Jump Back icon in the lower left that looks something like |< .  To start this session over, click it just once. To navigate to the beginning of the previous session, click it twice. And you can move the slider anywhere in the two hour scale to try to find something you’d like. If this isn’t the session for you, keep going back until you find one.
Clicking on the question mark (on the player) opens a FAQ page that has some helpful info. I always set the player to full volume and usually open it to full screen (which isn’t quite ‘full’).
Incidentally, Matt Gilman is hot, hot, hot right now! He’s just personally really going for it right now! He and his team are awesome! Not just talented musicians, but their hearts are singing to God. “My soul followeth hard after You!”
I see now that this is an intercession session, heartfelt prayer for Haiti.
I also really like Cory Asbury’s team, and Laura Hackett is simply amazing. Justin Rizzo often has string players on his team, which I really like: string bass, cello, viola and/or violin. Sometimes this is so sweet. And there is this guy who plays a stringed instrument in front of him with hammerlike sticks. If anyone knows what that instrument is, I’d like to know. [Thanks to comment #1, below, I can now say it’s a hammered dulcimer.]

If you put your computer to sleep with the player open, or just have the player stopped while the computer is on for a number of hours. Now we can move forward to sessions later than the one we had been viewing by clicking on the Jump Forward >| icon.
Yes, this is where I watch the IHOPU Awakening. It’s so nice to be able to pause the broadcast to watch the rest of the 6-hour meeting another time. Or we can watch something again. This is how I’ve transcribed some of Wes Hall’s remarkable comments.
Though this looks like it could be downloading the music into the player on our computer, apparently it just streams what we’re watching, and then dumps the data as we move on. THis explains why there is always a bit of lag each time we move the slider (and wait for the new data to come).
Every so often, I refresh my browser, and sometimes even restart the computer if the browser bogs down or the player doesn’t work right. It helps to have lots of RAM (memory) installed if you’ll be having a number of programs open at the same time. It’s a good idea to empty the web browser’s cache at least daily.
I would like to thank Mike Bickle for pioneering this amazing endeavor and all of the people involved. There is a DONATE tab “to keep the fire burning.”
It’s all about ONE happening!

2 thoughts on “The Prayer Room at IHOP: How to navigate the Archives player to watch different sessions or to pause, repeat, …

    1. Jeff Fenske

      Thank you! Mystery solved.
      Apparently, it’s specifically a hammered dulcimer, as opposed to a mountain or Appalachian dulcimer, which is plucked.

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