I thought I’d share my notes, again. This time, R. T. is speaking about Today’s Man & the Anointing. This may or may not be close to the actual title. I missed the beginning and part of the middle.
Video tapes (and probably audio) are to available at the church’s site, it was said.
R. T. Kendall is in Anchorage for a conference at Muldoon Community Assembly of God church. He’s speaking all four days (1/31 – 2/3). Here is the schedule: http://blog.mcaonline.org/?p=3026. This is where the conference can be watched online, live only: http://www.voicetothevillage.net/Webcast/VttV_Webcast.html.
Yesterday’s man or woman has no sense that they are yesterday’s man. They have no idea they are yesterday’s man.
Today’s man is required to go outside his/her comfort zone
Tomorrow’s man (the wave of the future) is painful because they’re waiting for their time to come and don’t know how long it will be.
Today’s man has to accept the stigma, longing for people to understand.
What is outside your comfort zone today will be in your comfort zone tomorrow.
If you want to be today’s man or woman, you have to go outside your comfort zone.
Arthur Blessit example: “Circumstances don’t change the commitment.”
God told Blessit to carry the cross two days after he knew he found out he had a brain aneurism.
[missed 10 minutes]
[also, R. T. pushed grace + nothing — trusting, alone]
In order to be today’s man and not yesterday’s man, we have to be willing to admit when we’ve gotten it wrong.
The verse that has governed R. T. more than any: John 5:44 …seek the honor that comes from God only.

“How can you believe, who receive glory from one another, and you don’t seek the glory that comes from the only God?”

As long as we are looking over our shoulder’s: “what will people think?”
“If You say it I’ll do it.”
R. T. first thought Rodney Howard-Browne got it wrong (God giving manifestations of laughing). He even told his congregation that this isn’t of God. When he realized his error, he apologized to his whole church and said he got it wrong.
Today’s man allows the people whom God chooses to be used (those who are obviously anointed for a given task), even if it’s someone we normally wouldn’t.
You want the glory of God more than you want to build up your ego.
Will we be blessed if the revival comes to the church across the street?
When we come to the place where we only want what He wants….
Do you realize how little your ego will mean to you in heaven?

My notes: R. T Kendall’s 4th message at Muldoon A of G: On being tomorrow’s man or woman | Being thankful for everything! | The most neglected teaching on the Holy Spirit: The dove is a very shy, sensitive bird. You can be in a car and someone is driving so slow in front of you and the Dove just flies away. Or “I’m just telling the truth,” but the Dove flies away. Let’s learn to get the Dove to come down and maybe the FIRE will fall!