My notes continue from the live feed of R. T. Kendall’s Tuesday, PM message
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How you may know you are tomorrow’s man or tomorrow’s woman.
Prayer: “May we see more from Your word on this very teaching.”
R. T.’s book on this subject: The Anointing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Yesterday’s Man: King Saul
Today’s Man: [used words to describe rather than mention a person]
Tomorrow’s Man: David
David got anointed, and then Saul got so jealous…. David had to run from Saul for 20 years.
Quoted someone who said: “The worst thing that can happen to a man is to succeed before you’re ready.”
Big mistake to assume that just because you have the anointing you’re ready.
God has done you a great favor by withholding … because you’re not ready yet.
R. T.’s story: It took 22 years for him to realize what God called him to do.
That’s the pain about being tomorrow’s man: waiting, waiting, waiting.
I want to end well.
King Saul went up with a rocket and everyone was in awe of him….
“He was underestimated by the established leadership” — “rejected by….”
God wants the anointing from you without trying to be anyone else.
Joseph had to forgive his brothers totally!
“Mercy” is when He gives you what you don’t deserve. Hb. 4:16. You never outgrow the need for mercy.
David also learned the importance of gratitude — being thankful.
Before you can be used and before your time has come it may be that God wants to teach you gratitude, being thankful.
God loves gratitude, and hates ingratitude. And gratitude needs to be taught.
“I decided I would be grateful and thank God for everything.”
I keep a journal. I go through my journal every day and thank God for everything in every day before.
I thank God for these snow capped mountains [the Chugach!].
Tell Him. He wants to be told.
You need to develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
Let God’s time be the arm of providence. David clipped a piece off the hem of Saul’s garment and felt guilty.
I think this is the most neglected teaching of the Holy Spirit.
The dove is a very shy, sensitive bird. The pigeon is a symbol of the counterfeit spirit.
To have the authentic, true, Holy Spirit show up is so wonderful.
You can be in a car and someone is driving so slow in front of us and the Dove just flies away….
The easiest thing is to grieve the Holy Spirit.
R. T. talked about the difference between pigeons and doves. Though, they’re in the same family, one is shy and one isn’t. Pigeons will eat food right from people’s bodies.
One family had a dove living in the eave (or something) of their house. But even if they just slammed the door the dove would fly away. They liked that dove, so they tried to not slam doors so he/she would stay.
His book on this subject: The Sensitivity of the Spirit
He won’t adjust to you. You better adjust to Him, and He won’t bend the rules for anybody.
You develop a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit so when you grieve Him you know….
He wants you to know His ways, and that comes by spending time with Him.
A survey of how much Christian leaders pray: 4 minutes. And you wonder why the church is powerless.
Spirituality: closing the time gap between sin and repentance.
If you can narrow the time gap to few seconds…. The Dove will just come down and stay.
Jesus never grieved the Holy Spirit.
The chief way is by bitterness. Point the finger; hold a grudge.
I’m just telling the truth.” But the Dove flies away.
You can be perfectly right and perfectly wrong.
Either the Dove adjusts to us or we adjust to the Dove.
Let’s learn to get the Dove to come down and maybe the fire will fall.
“The Lord works for those who wait for Him.”
Waiting for you time to come; learning what grieves the Holy Spirit.
An illustration with his wife where he apologized after an argument, and in 45 minutes with the Lord afterward, he had everything for his sermon, the next day; though, he couldn’t get a thing before repenting.
“The Dove was at home with Jesus. I want him to be at home with me.”
I resolve to be a thankful person. Holy Spirit, come and remain. May your Holy Spirit dwell non-stop.
I haven’t spent the time with You. I’m sorry. That’s going to change.
Thank You for Your patience with me.
In Jesus’ name.
Go in peace.
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