Let’s forget the past
Paul was in charge of stoning Stephen, governing the whole thing
Forgetting what is behind
When you forgive others you give them a gift they didn’t deserve.
Forgiving ourselves: give yourself a gift that you don’t deserve.
When you forgive yourself you are honoring the blood, honoring Jesus.
It’s what the Devil doesn’t want us to do. The Devil likes us to feel the guilt.
The peace and joy, the absence of the guilt
Will find one’s calling
Will help you to love people, because now you’re preocupied with yourself.
People will want to love you more
What it will do for your own health: emotional and physical
True guilt: when we’ve sinned against God
Pseudo guilt: what God didn’t put there
True guilt doesn’t concern most, worrying what God thinks

Pseudo guilt does, worrying what people think

The sign of spirituality is when we’re concerned about what God thinks
The 3 Rs (dealing with the Devil)
Creation + Environment + the Holy Spirit = the way God made you
You can hold against God whatever happened to you, or…
Romans 8:28 All things work together for good…
But that doesn’t make what we did right
When we wait, He works
When we work, He waits
R. T. told of a story how he had neglected his family for a season in order to do a lot of sermons. And this bothered him for apparently decades. Now, his son does his website, and daughter….
Matthew 1:6 Bathsheba was Solomon’s mother, but that doesn’t make what David did right.
Don’t for one minute justify what is in our past
Realize what the blood does for our sin
And what the blood does for God
Song by Janny Grimes: Stronger Than Before
Broken wings take time to mend
Before they learn to fly again
On the breath of God they’ll soar
They’ll be stronger than before

Don’t look back into the past
What was fire now is ash
Let it all be dead and gone
The time is now for movin’ on

On the breath of God I’ll soar
I’ll be stronger than before.

I give myself a gift that I don’t deserve
The time has come for moving on.
R. T. did not say that we don’t have to get right with those we’ve hurt