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We MUST Die In Order To Live!!!

NOTE: The dream I’m sharing here is the second dream I had in which ‘ONE’ was happening. The first one I saw in the late ’80s, where a former elder was leading and everyone was happy!
Also, I have no doubt that this is a word from the Lord. Does that mean it will happen, or that it has to happen?

I believe that God shows us things that He wants to happen. “Those who are led by the Spirit are the children of God” (Romans 8). He wants to lead us. But He also gives us free will. Many things that God shows people only can happen if we do what He’s leading us to do. And in this case, many people are involved.

God wants this to happen, and I personally believe this will happen, based upon what I know of the people involved; though, I think most of what God directs people to do never happens, because most don’t hear and obey. But we don’t have to be like most people. And we can change the climate so the percentage of people hearing and obeying greatly rises.
So there is no doubt that God will help us do our parts so His will will happen. But we must do our parts. And a big part of that for me is being patient, doing my part under authority without bothering anyone, like in the dream.
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Something Good is Going to Happen?
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We MUST Die In Order To Live!!!

I had a dream a number of years ago in which I was closing up an LD3 container (an airline freight container that we use at work) in the middle-back of Abbott Loop Community Church (ALCC).
It was a very complicated container (way more than they really are in the natural), and I was making a lot of noise trying to close it — “button it up — but it didn’t bother anybody in the auditorium, who were listening to a man whom I didn’t recognize speak from the pulpit.
When I finished putting together the container, I walked forward and the leader had me lead worship [Years ago, I had led worship many times, but never in the main auditorium]. I led from within the midst of the people, on the main floor, in the center, maybe 10 rows back, singing “Holy and Anointed One.”

[youtube=]Holy and Anointed One (with lyrics)

As soon as I started singing the first word, “Jesus,” everyone’s hands went straight up! No one was worshiping part way!
I interpret this to mean (if someone has more insight I’m open to suggestions):
I was doing my part, by myself, loading this extremely complex container. This is probably my research, shown here on this site. And there has been a lot of specific prayer, which I explain here.
Working on the container made a lot of noise, but it didn’t bother the people. I’ve been very careful to give people space, having learned from my previous mistakes.
The people were getting taught by the leader, while I was doing my thing, apart from them. But we were in the same building and they could here the noise of my work. The people at ALCC have been learning some significant things, like the importance of forgiving — that demons can directly affect Christians — etc..
And when I was done with my project, the leader let me lead worship this one time and everyone worshiped, their arms straight up toward God. When the leader(s) and I got on the same page, doctrinally (especially!), then ONE (Jesus’ prayer for us in John 17) happened. Everyone was right with God and each other so they could totally worship in Spirit and in truth, absolutely holy hands raised high, no holding back — pure!
That must mean that there was complete reconciliation in God’s eyes. And I couldn’t see the power and comfort of God that everyone felt, but having been in many mini-revivals I can only imagine…!
So my best guess is that the scriptures in the header at the top of this site were all fulfilled, and we were ready for anything that might come our way.
Unity happened at Abbott Loop!

Abbott Loop CC’s Sign —
“Our Vision: A Pursuing Love of God
and One Another”

Jeff : )

(((stereo)))[youtube=]Brian Doerksen: Holy and anointed one


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[photo] Abbott Loop Christian Center (Abbott Loop Community Church) — 1985
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