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From Essay By Russell E Kelly, PHD
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1. NOT NEW COVENANT: New Covenant giving principles are far superior and more inclusive.
2. NOT DEFINED BIBLICALLY: The definition of holy tithes is only food from inside Israel which God had miraculously increased. Tithes could not come from what man increased, from Gentiles or from outside Israel.
3. NOT MONEY: Although money was required for sanctuary worship, money was never a tithe-able item.
4. NOT FROM OUTSIDE ISRAEL: Abram’s tithe was in obedience to the law of the land, was only pagan spoils of war and he gave the 90% to the king of Sodom.
5. NOT UNIVERSAL MINIMUM: In the Old Covenant only food producers inside Israel were required to begin at 10%.
6. NOT FOR PRIESTS: The OT Levitical tithe went to the servants of the priests who equate to ushers, deacons, choir, musicians, etc.
7. NOT FOR PROPERTY OWNERS: Under the Law, those who received the first Levitical tithe were not allowed to own property and were required to kill anybody attempting to enter the sanctuary.
8. NOT HOLY: The tithe was only holy if it came from inside Israel. It was only holy as part of the Old Covenant to support its priesthood.
9. NOT FIRSTFRUITS: The tithe and firstfruits were never the same thing. Tithes were tenth-fruits. Firstfruits were very small token offerings.
10. NOT 10%: There were 3 tithes totaling 23% plus a 10% tithe to the king.
11. NOT FROM THE POOR: The poor did not tithe. They received much of a 2nd festival tithe and all of a 3rd third year poor tithe.
12. NOT FOR WORSHIP ONLY: Levites also worked as political employees of the king in secular affairs.
13. NOT TO THE TEMPLE: The people brought tithes to the Levitical cities. The Temple was too far away to feed 98% of the Levites and priests.
14. NOT FROM MALACHI: Malachi was only for Old Covenant Israel whose priests were guilty of stealing the best tithes they had vowed to God.
15. NOT TAUGHT BY JESUS TO THE CHURCH: Matthew 23:23 is a condemnation of enforcers of the Law as “matters of the law.” It was illegal to teach tithes to Jesus from Jews or Gentiles.
16. NOT FOR NT PRIESTS: The OT priesthood and Temple have been replaced by the priesthood of every believer.
17. NOT NT STOREHOUSE: The OT Temple has not been replaced by the so-called storehouse of the church building. Buildings were not legal for almost 300 years after Calvary.
18. NOT A MORAL LAW: OT tithes were part of the worship ordinances which ended at Calvary for Hebrews. The Church never was under the Old Covenant Law.
19. NOT FOR GOSPEL WORKER SUPPORT: The New Covenant neither commands nor condemns full time gospel workers.
20. NOT SUPPORTED BY CHURCH HISTORY: No early church father suggested tithing for over 200 years. It did not become enforceable for over 700 years. Most U. S. churches did not teach tithing until around 1895.
21. NOT MORAL HERMENEUTIC: Tithing was not repeated to the church in terms of the New Covenant after Calvary.

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