More of Francis’ current teaching on salvation can be seen in the links at the end of this post.

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Francis Chan

Conditional Security

[Teaching the true-freedom truth
just before leaving Cornerstone
with clean hands!

Notice how much happier
he now really is!]

See the 3D horse at 15:50[youtube=]Salvation by Francis Chan

* * *

Compare above message to
what Francis spoke
2.5 years earlier

* * *

Francis Chan

Unconditional Security

[This is actually diabolical —
the greatest deception,
leading so many astray and ruining America.

This is probably some of what Francis was trying to undo
in the message above —
so he could be clean
and so he could see many of them in heaven.]

[youtube=]Francis Chan – GRACE GRACE GRACE

Francis Chan’s ‘Last Sermon’ — There will be no cowards in heaven
Francis Chan left his 1600 member church to reassess. “There’s a LACK OF PEACE in so many people … WE PRETEND.” “There is this NARROW ROAD … FEW will find it.” “Let’s go back to what THE TRUTH has always been…and has NEVER BEEN POPULAR.”
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