I had a couple from the USA write to me today with a rather hair-raising question on US politics. But before we get to their email, let me make a couple of points. As many of you know, I am a strongly conservative evangelical Christian. And yet, I have questioned for a long time whether conservative Christians (particularly in the USA) are trying to solve “SPIRITUAL” problems with Politics – which will never work. The sheer amount of money and energy and passion that Christians in the US are devoting to “electing the right guy” seems to even dwarf what they are willing to do SPIRITUALLY.


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I was just reading another prophecy from 2008 that spoke of an actual “breakup” of America as well. It is possible – for the harsh ‘divisions’ in the USA are part of God’s judgment upon the land, I believe. Deep, deep divisions.

The “apostles and prophets” and Christian TV and secular media filth coming out of America do not help either, for they pile up even more reasons for judgment.

I am very concerned for America – I really am. One of my favorite countries in all the world.

God bless you.

Andrew Strom

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REVIVALS in America have always brought about the cleansing of the nation –



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And people PLEASE –


(Or you will get lured in and “wound up” angrier than a mule. Those guys are ‘experts’ at winding conservatives up. They make money out of it every day).

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…why do US Christians support war? Why do they act like when the USA fights, it is almost like they are “fighting for Jesus”? Why is it so important for US Christians to “support the military”? Is Christianity supposed to be spread at the point of a gun? When America wins a war (such as Panama or whatever), did they “win it for Jesus”? I have never seen such confusion over patriotism and nationalism being equated with “Christianity”. There is something very wrong.

Does it seem biblical to you?


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