WARNING & DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t going to post this because of the choice of language and “don’t pay taxes” recommendation at the end [it’s not worth it unless done legally]; though, I transcribed the good part.

I’ve heard from good sources that it is true that Kadafi is not responsible for PanAm 103. That was a false flag op designed to demonize Kadafi.

In saying that posting this video that shows the other side of the story, I’m not saying Kadafi hasn’t been bad in some ways. But even if he was mostly bad, even if most of what is said in this video is not true, what right do we have to take out leaders who oppose the one-world government?

We can’t say we have the right because Illuminati controlled Britain says it’s a-okay.

We’re digging our own grave by supporting our reverse-Christian foreign policy, which I believe is far worse than abortion. Aborted babies go to heaven. Where do you think we’re sending most of these human beings to — and the millions of others throughout the years, overtly and covertly? …especially because our BIG, power-over, REVERSE-GOSPEL message must be the biggest God turn-off imaginable — God repellent Made in the USA!

We have blood on our hands — lots!

Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate that would stop abominations around the globe.

“It’s time to repent NOW!” We’re all going to see our Maker and we MUST be clean!

Power-OVER or power under?:

Greg Boyd: In the kingdom of God, we are not allowed to have any enemies. All body-bags are equally tragic.

The Rothschilds, world kingpins, worth $500 trillion! They own Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold…


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“I cannot just sit by any longer & watch how individuals, groups, and countries are demonised & destroyed by our criminal governments — & then watch the media protect those responsible for crimes against humanity.”

“If we sit by & watch these crimes against humanity & do nothing, then we are complicit, & one day it will be our turn.”

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I believe LIBYA has given us an opportunity to see what our leaders are doing.

Help Lybia and in doing so help yourselves. green book http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8744/readgb.htm