[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kbCvtAp4EA]american cities to be nuked with map

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this is an excerpt from one of henry gruver’s visions, “i saw submarines attack america!” in his video by the prophecy club. this excerpt seems relevant to today’s news because of the georgian-russian conflict since georgia has wanted to be joined with nato. please support henry gruver by visiting the prophecy club online. henry gruver had this particular vision in the early ’80’s. the unusual aspect of this vision is when gruver mentions in his vision about radio waves or communications being interfered with. also, years ago, i bought tapes about a romanian gentleman [Dumitru Duduman] who was visited by angels while he was on russian ships over in the black sea. he came over to america and spoke at the prophecy club. he mentioned about america being nuked also. he needed a translator to interpret what he was saying. also, while checking their channel out, they’ve got all kinds of tapes on 9/11 http://www.prophecyclub.com/


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