2 thoughts on “[video] Alex Jones: 33 Catholic Bishops ‘Illegal Alien Remarks’ is Sedition!

  1. Thank you for posting Jeff! God bless You, Alex, Steve, and other watchmen sounding the alarm!!! Have been following the NDA Bill and the Fema camps online?!?! WOW!!! I’ve been trying to share this with other believers but no one seems to want to take any notice, it’s so sad to me and doesn’t make any sense. Keep spreading the word, we must prepare and seek the Lord!!!

    1. Casey,

      Thanks for sharing! It’s so sad to me too, to see so many still willfully ignorant, what the Bible said would happen in the last days.

      The only explanation is that there are powerful, dark spiritual forces at work within the ‘Christians’ — so they reject what otherwise is so obvious — and so they reject Ron Paul too.


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