The Biblical basis for Holy-Spirit-led giving is in my article: The Day that Tithing Ended, to Now Be Led By the Holy Spirit — No-More-Tithing Scriptures

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I had this dream a little more than 20 years ago [~1989].

There was an open area between 3rd and 4th Avenues in downtown Anchorage, Alaska (where the Sunshine Plaza is) where a former elder of Abbott Loop Christian Center (ALCC and now called Abbott Loop Community Church) was speaking to a large crowd of people with over a PA system about tithing.

He was giving the reasons why, one by one — one of which is the claim that tithing was in effect before the law.

I was at the edge of the crowd, partly leaping while waiving my arms, trying to get their attention, saying loudly, “No, it’s a Holy Spirit thing!” Every time the speaker would give a point, this was my response.

Then I realized that the only way people would listen to me is if I wrote a book on tithing.

And the dream ended.

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In 1999, I was given a prophecy about writing books, explained here:Intro: “Let Us Be ONE”

The head of the event had watched the prophet give me the prophecy (which was also a dream that he had), and asked me if I had ever felt led to write books. I shared with him my downtown-Anchorage-tithing dream….

When I did receive the “Let Us Be ONE” prophecy, which I think was supposed to be a published book, this small part was on tithing. In the new covenant, we are to be led by the Holy Spirit, which fulfills and supersedes the old covenant:

Let Us Be ONE, Part 8 of 33


Tithing or the Carriage Driver?

Give sheep a rest from all those things they do. Don’t put burdens on them.

Tithing is not Biblical. Tithing is from another era, before I gave My Son, before I died so you could be free. A new way, a better way has come, and it will give you life.

Churches are dead, living for themselves. Unity has not occurred. Get up and pray. Do not faint, and I will give you life.

Give by the Spirit’s desires. He will tell you what to do and who to minister to. The Holy Spirit is your friend. We are ONE, and We are in you, giving you life as you obey.

Do not be afraid of My leading. The problem with many is sin. Sin separates, and sin destroys the yoke.

The carriage must have a driver. Most drive themselves, unaware of My presence, unaware that I want to lead.


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