Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Andrew Strom: Today’s “Unsaved” Church — Only those who CONTINUE in New Testament Christianity and who “overcome” will be saved



-by Andrew Strom.

It is an interesting fact that Charles Finney spent his entire ministry preaching to professing Christians. And yet he was called the greatest ‘evangelist’! What he was doing was evangelizing the church people – because he found that most of them were not living in a state of true salvation at all. The church was ‘unsaved’!

Thus his first calling was to the believers of his day – to see them converted. -Just like Jesus and the apostles were called first to the Jews – the ‘believers’ of their time. Finney found himself preaching piercing salvation messages his whole life in church buildings, Bible Colleges and so-on. The “Christians” must be saved.

Actually, you see this pattern in most Revivals down the centuries. In many cases, what Revival was, was the church coming into true SALVATION for the first time. They THOUGHT they were saved before, but they had been under a delusion. When the ‘Revivalist’ arrived and preached to them, suddenly they saw that they were undone and in a lost state, and multitudes were converted. Revival almost always begins with the church.

I believe it is no different today, especially in America where church attendance is very high (-around 40 percent) – the highest percentage in the world. Everyone agrees that there is a lot of ‘nominal’ Christianity and ’social’ Christianity going on – as well as a huge number of people who attend churches where they are told they are ’saved’ when clearly they are not.

It is difficult not to come to the conclusion that most of these churches are like “holding pens” for the damned – telling people that they are ‘OK’, when in reality they are headed for destruction. Personally, I find this very hard to take. What will God do to the preachers who are lulling the flock to sleep in this way? And when will men be found who will dare to tell the “Christians” that many are not ’saved’ at all – but still in their sins? -Such is the role of the true prophets of God. Such is the role of the coming “John the Baptists”.

Of course, Finney was hated and despised by church men for saying such things. How DARE he preach in such a way that assumed that many ‘fine church members’ were unsaved? How offensive and ill- mannered! But Finney had such a passion and a burden to REACH THE ‘CHRISTIANS’ with the gospel. -And this was exactly what God had called him to do.

Today we see exactly the same thing in the West as Finney saw in his day. We see a church that is very largely UNSAVED. A truly “saved” church (in the New Testament sense) behaves and looks and sounds utterly different to what we have today.

Even in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles we often find many “previously-saved-but-no-longer-walking-in-it” believers. Friends, this is not a state of ’salvation’. The Bible is very clear that only those who CONTINUE in New Testament Christianity and who “overcome” will be saved. These people are lost. You are either walking as a ‘new creature’ in love with Christ or you are not. If you are not walking in it then do not assume you are “saved” – no matter what some preacher tells you. It is all or nothing with God. The Bible tells us to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling”. I would be very surprised if more than a quarter of the West’s so-called “Spirit-filled” believers are actually walking with a clean heart before God. What on earth do they think will happen to them on Judgement Day?

Added to this, we have millions upon millions of ‘mainline’ believers who literally NEVER get the opportunity to find out about “FULL” salvation. -The Holy Spirit is never made real to them, and many have never been fully BAPTIZED in water, either.

Now, we have already discussed elsewhere how people became Christians in the Bible. We know that there were THREE THINGS that always needed to happen when someone wanted to become a Christian in the New Testament:

(1) Repentance

(2) Water Baptism

(3) Being filled with the Holy Spirit. [Though this was the pattern in Acts, speaking in tongues is not required to be a Christian. But many will not overcome and go to heaven if they don’t speak in tongues, because praying perfectly in the Spirit deals directly with demons – Jeff]

-Every time, these were the three things that happened STRAIGHT AWAY. (-See Acts 2:37-41, Acts 8:12-20, Acts 10:44-48, Acts 19:1-6, Acts 22:16, Heb 6:1-2, Mk 16:16-18, etc.)

As I have said before, the doctrine of “Asking Jesus into your heart” does not exist in the Bible, and personally I would come very close to calling it a lie from the pit of hell, because it falsely assures people that they are “saved” just because they have ‘prayed a little prayer’. It is very dishonest and totally unscriptural. So we know that a basic “New Testament Christian” is someone who has:

(1) Repented

(2) Been Baptized (immersed) in water, and

(3) Been filled with the Holy Spirit (-accompanied by ‘tongues’, as far as we can tell in Scripture).

So how on earth do we reach all these vast millions who are being duped with this half-Christianity of “Asking Jesus into your heart” – but never hear the full gospel? What on earth can be done to get this message through to them?

This is a burden that is very much on my heart. And I am convinced that only the coming “John-the-Baptist” ministries will have the anointing to break through the walls of ‘Religion’ to reach these people with the truth. We are talking about millions upon millions of precious souls here. And they are people who DO BELIEVE in God. But they have been lied-to, and the real truth has been denied them.

I am convinced that the coming harvest will BEGIN IN THE CHURCH. It will begin with converting the “CHRISTIANS”. -This has always been God’s order. “First in Jerusalem, then in Judea….”

I am deeply burdened for the church in the West. Let the new “Charles Finneys” arise. Let the trumpet sound go forth. The message of PIERCING REPENTANCE must be heard in the land once again. And the idol of “Mammon” must surely be one of it’s key targets.

I am convinced that such prophets must arise for Revival to come to the West in these days. “For the word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword.” -May this mighty sword be brought to bear on the walls of Religion and false ‘assurance’ in these days.


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  1. In some ways I agree with part of what you are saying…but I was a christian believer for 35 years with the same church and people. Within the last year the church began to crumble, more than one had seen it coming.The entire nucleus of the church left, including myself. VERY, VERY difficult. I am currently involved with the Messianic Hebrew Roots. I have never in my whole walk encountered such truth. Truth upon truth, I am convinced this is where I need to be. Are you aware that for every new translation of a bible that is created it has to be changed by 20%? So through time what is to be said, are we REALLY getting the right interpretation of what GOD has spoken? God has not changed, we have, and now He is calling us back to Himself, so how do many find this way? We must seek Him out like a lost treasure, seek Him while He still can be found! I found mine, and I’m truly blessed. If we are supposed to be imitators of Christ and follow His ways…why are we not eating Kosher?

    Just something to think about…


    • Peter had the dream: “take and eat.” And because we’re no longer under the law, to be instead led by the Holy Spirit. Paul warns the Galatians who want to be under the law.

  2. Forgot to ask you…could you show me in the New Testament where this quote came from?
    only those who CONTINUE in New Testament Christianity and who “overcome” will be saved.

  3. Speaking in tongues is communicating with demons! How unscriptural! Eph.3 tells us that God does excedding abundantly above all we can ask or think according to the power dunamis that works in us. Dunamis is speaking in tongues as evidenced from Acts 1:4,8;2:4. Dunamis is the miracle it self and power to do a miracle. They spoke in tongues. We sing Holy Ghost hymns in other tongues, Holy Ghost songs, thanksgiving, all in other tongues. The Holy Ghost intercedes to God through us in our speaking in other tongues. We edify ourselves by speaking in other tongues. We speak the mysteries and secrets of heaven in other tongues, matters that our minds can never know this side of heaven. We build ourselves up in our most holy faith and in love to God (and others) by praying in other tongues. We cannot be baptized with the Spirit or filled with the Spirit unless we speak in other tongues – and continue speaking in other tongues until we reach heaven, where alone is perfection. Dr. Irene Faulkes

    • Speaking in tongues isn’t “communicating with demons.” It’s a key way in which God deals with them. It helps set us and others free — which I believe from 30+ years experience, etc. is the main way it helps us build up our faith by praying in the Holy Ghost.

      • Anonymous

        We are never to communicate with demons. Speaking in tongues is to God and never to demons. Speaking in tongues does set us free from habitual sins and the more we pray in tongues the more love to God we swim in, the better to worship, the way of intercession, the source of power dunamis, the way of edification, a supernatural speaking of mysteries or secrets from God, a change from glory to glory, a way to better know the love of Christ that passes understanding, a way into ‘growing into the fulness of God, Eph.3:16-20. a means whereby God will do within us exceedingly abundarlyly all we can ask or think – in short, indispensable. We partake of the age to come, its power. Through intercession in other tongues we influence, or God does as He works through us – very many saints, very many churches, cities, countries and see souls saved, the gifts of the Spirit manifested that include healing and miracles, casting out of demons etc. Bro. Jeff great you have 30+ years. I being older, can write up 60+. Like what Jeff said re law and the Spirit.

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