Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

LUST ‘the poison that kills the soul’ FREEDOM! *My experience*: How DEMONS DRIVE HETEROSEXUAL and HOMOSEXUAL lust in ‘Christians’ — When we realize demons drive lust we can be FREE!

UPDATE 7/21: I was just asked to explain the difference between lust and the natural desire for a mate. Clearly, God has given us a natural attraction for the opposite sex, but God prohibits us from thinking lustful, sexual thoughts about anyone who we’re not married to. If we do, this opens the door for demons to then drive lust, which then becomes an addiction. Constantly thinking about lust is not normal, and is a clear indication that lust demons are now driving the desires, and this includes when sleeping. If we’re lusting in our dreams it’s lust demon driven, despite what secular psychologists claim. We can be FREE 24/7! “Submit to God, resist the Devil and he’ll FLEE!”

How Lust Works

By Jeff Fenske

I saw this testimony from Henry Makow’s site showing how demons and homosexuality came hand in hand: Homosexuality & Demonic Possession. This encouraged me to share….

From my many experiences in dealing with demons, having now been a Christian for 35 years, my educated guess is that if there is homosexuality there are demons probably 100% of the time. And the same goes for heterosexuality outside of the marriage covenant.

These are lust demons.

The bad news is that almost everyone we know have lust demons of one type or another in them, because most don’t make sure they live holy enough to get and stay free. The good news is that once born-again, Holy Spirit indwelt Christians determine to get and stay free the demons have no right to stay and it’s easy to be free: “Submit to God; resist the Devil and he will flee” (James 4 — the overcoming-partysville chapter).

When I say it’s “easy” though, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy overall.
It’s easy and even automatic to stay free once we have committed 100% to keep our thoughts pure and not do what we know we shouldn’t. It takes total cold-turkey. If we give the devil a place he (or the demons) will enter, often instantly. And once they’re in, which is I think the condition of most modern Americans Christian or not, then the person is lust-demon driven. Many don’t even know what it even feels like to be free. But once a person is free and then willfully lusts (commits adultery in his/her heart – Mt. 5), then I would think any spiritually aware person would notice the great difference. All of a sudden it’s hard not to lust, for example, whereas before it was easy to not think those thoughts at all.

Sadly, there have been churches that teach that demons can’t be in Christians even though the Bible, the Holy Spirit (Whom Jesus said will lead us into all truth) and experience definitely teach otherwise. The result is truly born-again Christians how to break sin problems. And many ‘Christians,’ unware have hate and anger demons in them, pride demons, etc.. And if they think they can’t be influenced by demons directly the demons have their way because the ‘Christian’ is unaware of their schemes because of bad doctrine.
And it’s often in the heart where the demons hide and do their thing. Jesus said in Matthew 5:

27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery;’ 28 but I tell you that everyone who gazes at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. 29 If your right eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it away from you. For it is more profitable for you that one of your members should perish, than for your whole body to be cast into Gehenna. 30 If your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off, and throw it away from you. For it is more profitable for you that one of your members should perish, than for your whole body to be cast into Gehenna.

David said: “Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

The heart is the seat of the emotions. It’s the deepest source of good or evil.

We’re to love God with all of our heart — the Greatest Commandment.
Jesus said in Matthew 18 we’re to from our heart forgive our brothers, otherwise the tormentors have a right (a place – Eph. 4) to torment us. This is God’s way of encouraging us to learn how to totally forgive and walk in love. “Perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4). Less than perfect love doesn’t.
1 John 5 says how we are to keep ourselves free from the evil one by not sinning in the ways that give demons a place: “We know that whoever is born of God doesn’t sin, but he who was born of God keeps himself, and the evil one doesn’t touch him.”

Paul said in Galatians 5 that going-to-heaven Christians have crucified their flesh. Whether today’s pastors teach this or not, this is what the Bible teaches, which I explain more fully in Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? This fits with 1 John 5.

I’ve shared this VISION on this site before. I could see myself from a few feet away, and there was a spirit over my right shoulder. I could tell that I had been lust free, but when I willfully lusted (in my thinking only) the demon, seemingly with great glee went something like “A hah!” with a big smile, and went right into my body. Apparently, they greatly enjoy driving humans sins, pushing the gas pedal to the metal, if they can.

And that’s how easy it is to be imprisoned by lust demons — the demons that drive lust, because we give them a right when we willfully sin. And seeing a UFO (for us guys — an Unclad Female Object) isn’t sinning. It’s sinning when we willfully keep looking, when we don’t look away, willfully thinking things we know we shouldn’t, giving ourselves over to the dark side in this lust area, actually.

I’ve only felt a homosexual spirit once, but the process is similar. I don’t remember if I was totally lust free at the time (This was at least 20 years ago), but I remember part of this clear as day. Probably not, because otherwise I don’t think I would have felt any kind of lust spirit.

Have you ever been a few feet away from a person of the opposite sex and have felt a sexual attraction, a pulling even though you may have not even really looked at the person at all? I think we’ll only feel these lust spirits if we’re not totally, 100% lust free. For example, I was sitting in a college class more than 20 years ago, not even thinking about the woman sitting next to me, but I felt this lust spirit. I found out later she was an actual prostitute. But my guess is that I probably wouldn’t even have felt the lust spirit(s) if I was totally lust free at the time.

Many people give into these spirits and do things they shouldn’t, instead of recognizing what they are and totally getting and staying free. Most sex is lust, not love driven. We must keep our hearts clean to be free!

Continuing my once-in-a-lifetime homosexual-lust demon experience, I was sitting in a small room with the guys I was working with, and all of a sudden I felt this strong lust spirit. And the only people around me were guys. I didn’t try to figure out which guy it was. I just got out of there and I think prayed in tongues (perhaps the best way to deal directly with the demonic), and I never felt a homosexual lust spirit again.

But if I wasn’t that aware or that dedicated, who knows where that could have led? And many times this happens with children, who really don’t understand at all why they’re feeling like they are.

We need to be really, really non-judgmental and totally accepting of homosexuals. They, perhaps you are in a demonically driven lust trap. This is what happens when people worship the creation instead of worship the Creator. And I think Romans 1 applies to heterosexual lust too. Many reverse-Christians bash homosexuals with Romans 1 when they’re not heterosexual-lust free themselves. Here is God’s view of homosexuals, from my Let Us Be ONE prophesy, part 17 of 33:

The Homosexuals Will Arise

The homosexuals will arise. They have been hurt so badly in their heart. They are not the enemy. They are full of hurt, and are looking for a way out. You can help if you don’t judge. Don’t criticize; show them the way through your smile. They are not worse than you, just unforgiven. They have a long way to go, but are not weird, as some would say. Do not mock. Lift them up. Give them space to watch.

Pray with them when you get a chance, but until then be slow. Their hearts are brittle, hardened by sin that has often been done unto them, not of their own accord. Have grace and Mercy, not judgment, or pain will come to you both, and alienation from the things of God, the life I can give.

It can happen. Love can start with you. It just takes one. Find it and run, run with arms outstretched, praying as you go, praying in tongues a lot. Don’t hold back. This is a precious gift. Use it now; it is for you to be free, to be built up in the might of My Spirit. Pray often, and do not faint. Do not let the world take control. I have overcome the world. You will too, if you walk in My steps, living a life of love.

‘Christians’ have elevated homosexuality way above heterosexual lust sinning, and I don’t see this in the Bible. All willful lusters are in danger of going to hell. See Paul’s who-won’t-inherit-the-kingdom list in Galatians 5, written in Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?

Guys, stop judging homosexuals. Instead, we need to “show them the way through our smile,” God says.

Heterosexual or homosexual lust freedom is not that hard IF we go cold turkey, 100% “I won’t go there at all, period!”

Lust freedom is only a hair’s breadth away. And we can help each other be free forever.

Lust freedom is a key way for revival to happen, which I believe will be the Third Great Awakening, when we are ONE with each other in Christ. “Then the world will know.”

The bad news is that demons drive lust. Demons are yukky, and who wants to be inhabited by an evil spirit, which I believe most ‘Christians’ are, let alone non-Christians.

The good news is that demons drive lust, because many people think they can never become lust free. They don’t understand that there is a creature driving their lust. Once we realize how lust works it’s easy to be free IF we go cold turkey, 100% “I won’t go there at all, period!”

And pray in tongues, you all. The Devil hates it when we use this gift. But praying in tongues deals with demons. God gives us precisely targeted prayer language to do the job without us having to see specifically the demons in order to drive them out in some other yukky way. Praying in tongues rocks!

You don’t have to pray in tongues. It’s possible to get free without using this gift of the Holy Spirit. But why wouldn’t you when it’s so effective and God tells us to?

“Submit to God (100% ‘I won’t give lust demons a place’); resist the Devil (pray in tongues) and he will flee!”

And you will be free.

And we will be ONE with each other when we crucify the flesh (Gal. 5) so demons cannot have a place (Eph. 4).

Power to the peaceful!

We need to NEVER EVER put condemnation trips on homosexuals. Please! Many homosexuals are a heartbeat away from really rocking in God!
I’m doing my best to show them the way through my smile. Praise God for the Holy Spirit and prophesy that helps show us the way! Not many people so far have read and have been changed by my Let Us Be ONE prophesy, but I have.

We shouldn’t hold a person’s sin-history against anyone, period. We can all break free from these lust demons so homosexuals are no longer homosexuals. Heterosexual lusters will no longer be hetero-lusters. Alcoholics will no longer alcoholics (it’s probably demon driven too).

Let’s be ONE — okay?

Jeff Fenske

To Be Free!

: )


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I’ve finally shared much of what I know about and what can be done through the TREMENDOUS and mostly misunderstood and underused gift of tongues. A reader thankfully put me over the edge : ) I need to re-write this someday so it’s not written mostly in a comment. But it’s all there.

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Let Us Be ONE, Part 13 of 33

A Gift that Will Set Many Free!

There is another day, a day that will happen if you let it.

I want you to be free, free from anxiety. A death warrant is out for your souls. It will get you if you let it. You must pray.

Many die from unknown causes. They are weak from attacks from the Devil who never gives up—curse after curse—toward My people. Many have given in, unable to walk.

Tongues, I’ve given you the gift of tongues from My heart to you. It is a gift that will set many free if you use it regularly. It is for you to walk holy, set free in forgiveness while you pray.

The two work together. One attacks the Devil, while you release those who have hurt you deeply, wounded your soul.

Pray for them. You can focus; you don’t have to pray in general all the time. I will give you the gift of life as you pray.

This is how it works. Believe in your heart you are praying for one another; though, it will come from the Holy Ghost, the words you emit that I give you to speak. Focus on these people, and pray until your tongues cease. I will tell you who to pray for, but this isn’t necessary. You can pray for anyone that way.

Believe in your heart; direct your tongues. I will fill your mouth as you speak and set people free. I will pray perfectly, as you obey, giving your life to others through prayer.

Amazing things will result! Your heart will be glad!

Watch Me do it. Prove My point. Try it now. Focus on someone who needs prayer. Believe in your heart you are praying for them as you speak words from above that fill your mouth. Pray it out, and watch them change, for I will release them from anger and all kinds of oppressions as you pray. You will see it, and it will amaze your intelligence. Many will be set free. Do it now. This is an important point.

And as you pray, forgive, release them from all kinds of cares and bondages. The two work hand in hand. You forgive and I pray through your words that I give you.

This is freedom! Set them free. Do it now; why wait when you can have the chance to move mountains, have an impact on society that many will see and feel. Your heart will be glad. Many will walk holy.

Pray for your elders. Many are not in the ministry to give life. Many are sucking you dry. They need to give up the ghost of unforgiveness and get on the bandwagon of love.

The seal of approval, you all want it. You can have it now. Why wait? You can be in Me as we speak. You can know for sure that you are sons of God, that I am in you and you are in Me. You will feel it. Your heart will be glad, and you will pray.

I will take you to heights unknown. Miracles will take place all around you as you obey. Many will be glad that you took the step of faith to lead. When all looked hopeless, you got up from your seat and prayed.

Pray. Let your heart be glad, and don’t give up. Pray until your tongues stop. This is an amazing gift that has much power to change.

Anyone can pray in tongues. It is a gift for all who obey, all who call on Me for Mercy.

Drink deeply, and let it give you life, freeing you, while you relax and find peace in a home here on earth.

We are together. Let us pray.

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Pure blasphemy from the senior managing editor of "Christianity Today!"


God is SO AWESOME! God’s order may be observed in… Only the God-planned safe life is successful. Only the life given over to the care of the Lord is fulfilled.


  1. I have written a blog post for all interested. It is entitled, “Christianity and Pornagraphy, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality and Sensuality. What Do the Scriptures Have to Say About These Things?” Just type this or 777denny into any search engine to find it.
    Did you know the Great Whore, the Vatican (this is NOT to offend Catholics, but is rather about telling the truth. I grew up Catholic — I plan on making a blog post soon about ‘Mystery Babylon’), has misinterpreted the word “fornication” for about 1,700 years? Did you know that until about 50 years ago Vatican teaching taught that sexual intercourse between MARRIED persons was considered fornication? Did you know that if the scriptures are silent on an issue, then it is up to the person or husband to decide whether it is right or wrong? Did you know that if you judge someone for doing something that is not prohibited by scripture that you are sinning?
    Find out about all this and more so you can make an informed decision about the subjects in the title of the blog post.
    Thanks for listening, 777denny

    • Anonymous

      Can you recommend a good book or video to deal with this?

      • Dear Sir/Ms.,
        If you’re addressing this to me, the writer of this post, I tried again to find books that go more specifically into how demons influence Christians via lust and through other means, but I’m disappointed to find that I still don’t really see books that really lay it out. But if anyone knows of any I’ll be glad to check them out. And videos too.
        At one point, I read almost everything that was out there, and I don’t see a lot of change. Books that talk about strongholds and shutting all doors so that demons can’t get in are on the right track.
        Many emphasize way to much the generational sin issue. Which can be a factor, and I recommend doing the Wellspring forgiving-everyone counseling (and breaking generational sin ties — Wellspring is listed in my links).
        We’re still going to have to do the cold turkey thing though. Many don’t even know what it feels like to be free. But once a person is free and willfully lusts a little bit, the addictive demonic oppression that drives lust can be instantly felt. I don’t see writers talking about this. But would love to if someone has…
        Also, most writers don’t understand how people curse people, willfully wanting the person to desire them sexually. This is why we can’t just pray a prayer of freedom and think we’ll be automatically free in the future, because the demons will just keep coming — but can’t get in unless we give them the right through even just a little willful lust.
        And hardly anyone will call this a salvation issue, which it totally is according to many scriptures, which I point out in Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? The once-saved-always-saved doctrine has swept the ‘church,’ causing a dormancy in people even wanting to seek God to be able to learn how to fully overcome. The once-saved-always-saved issue is a huge key as to why the ‘church’ isn’t progressing.
        And obviously, the ways to lust, through the internet, etc. make it so much easier — even the way ‘Christians’ even dress.
        And because in most churches the Spirit of God can’t even be felt anymore, we can get even more frustrated, not feeling Jesus’ love — while the pastors just make excuses, trying to act like everything is okay, when most churches are toxic, demon breeding grounds. They won’t get right with everyone they’ve hurt, so they can be free and rightfully lead (or step down and let those who are supposed to lead). And they don’t teach others to get right with those they’ve hurt also, so we can all be clean in Christ — free, happy and smiling no matter what!
        This would be fruitful ground. We need the Third Great Awakening badly, so it will be easy to overcome sin again.
        Now, it’s harder, but we still must overcome. And when the first group of Christians do, they’ll probably start the Third Great Awakening, which I talk about so much on this site. God is just waiting for one group in one place to get right with Him and others and He’ll show up, and then the world will know. And we can be the people to start the revival! It will then be so easy to rest in Him — in love.
        By this time, I was hoping to talk about some of these ideas and others on YouTube videos, myself, but I’m not a naturally gifted speaker, and I’ve had very little moral support so far to be able to step up to this challenge — which the old guard don’t want me to succeed in. They want business as usual where they can hide. But we’re all going to see the Maker… This is for all of our good to succeed…
        If you or anyone else has any specific questions, please ask. I’d be glad to try to answer. And I could possibly also point you to something I’ve already written on this site, or you can browse through the articles in the various categories (pull-down menu on the top-right).
        Again, if anyone knows of any good books or videos on these subjects I’m, myself always interested, and would gladly post them.
        Power to the peaceful!
        Grace to the peaceful!
        “We need to shut ALL doors” to be free.
        Jeff Fenske
        Anchorage, Alaska

  2. I think that praying in tongues can deliver us from lust,but how to do it?

    • Zetan,
      Good question! It just so happens that this scripture gives us a template:

      Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” –
      James 4:7

      We take away the demons’ right to drive lust when we totally shut the door to willfully lusting in our heart, submitting ourselves to God’s will — determining in our hearts to not look at or think about anyone in a lustful way. [I put heart in red, because I’m literally talking about the heart, which is more than a pump. The Bible talks about the heart about 1,000 times]
      If we’re sincere and 100% serious, that might be enough. But it doesn’t hurt to then pray in tongues at the evil spirits that were driving the lust in us directly — the resist the devil part. I talk about in this article how we can pray in tongues for certain things, people, or against particular spirits by believing in our heart we are praying for what we are focusing on. And then pray in tongues until our prayer language stops. And it will if we’re consciously narrowing the scope of what we’re praying in tongues for.

      I’ve finally shared much of what I know about and what can be done through the TREMENDOUS and mostly misunderstood and underused gift of tongues. A reader thankfully put me over the edge : ) I need to re-write this someday so it’s not written mostly in a comment. But it’s all there.

      My goal is to do some YouTube videos on topics, and this is one I’d like to talk about, hopefully soon.
      There are other oppressive spirits that torment believers (Mt. 18), because few people (including myself) are able to forgive everyone all the time from our whole heart. In fact, I don’t know anyone who always overcomes in this area, largely because ‘ONE’ (John 17) isn’t happening yet. We’re not filled with the Spirit corporately yet, so hardly anyone is individually too. That’s no excuse. We should still strive to fully forgive all of the time anyway. But it’s definitely the hardest thing I’ve found to fully do in the Christian faith.
      This James-3 cursing thing is really real. People, including ‘Christians’ (not going-to-heaven Christians, though) have all kinds of hate, jealousy and control issues. And they lash out at us by praying (James-3 cursing) against us. And these will stick if we’re not fully walking in love toward them — like Jesus and Stephen did.
      While we’re working on fully forgiving, we can also pray for them in tongues, focusing on them with our heart until our tongues stop. This not only will help free us, but will help them too — and often other people that they’ve also cursed. The A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls) prophecy, which I quote in my related links above, discusses this.
      When we’re free from the tormentors, it’s easier to not look to lust in order to try to feel good. But we should also fully commit to not lusting no matter how we feel. Then it won’t even be a temptation.
      It’s also wise to know how easy it is to reopen that door. And then the demons rush right back in again, with the accompanying guilt from directly disobeying God, according to Romans 8:1 —

      “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who don’t walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.”

      Does that make sense?

      • Douglas Pumroy

        You are RIGHT ON. I was born a bastard, and pre-mature and went to two foster families and was then adopted. I had the curse of the bastard on me and I became ‘gay’ at a very early age and hated it. I wanted to be straight so badly!!! I got born-again, still gay, got spirit-filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues, still gay. It was only when a lady named Irene Park and her booklet called the ‘homosexual and the perverse spirit’ and her booklet called ‘fasting the key’ came into my life did things improve. I called her, at age 25 and was in tears because I was still ‘gay’. She told me I was full of demons and that I needed to go on an 8 day fast and pray in tongues as much as I could each day. My number is 641-680-3353 if you want to call me. I was fasting and praying in tongues and I felt something ‘split’ and ‘tear’ in my stomach, and then the most NASTY sounding screech came out of my mouth and that was the first demon to leave me. It took much fasting to help me get free, but I remember a day 23 years ago, I was working in a factory and praying in tongues several hours a day and REALLY battling in the spirit realm and a very mean spirit came out of me and for the first time in my life I was a girl, and got really turned on and horny. Never before did that happen. If I don’t stay after God and pray all the time, I get overcome with temptation, give in, and the spirits come right back. You are so very much right on target. I hope you call me, I am desperate for fellowship.

        • Douglas, do you Skype?
          And keep praying in tongues and total, cold-turkey to sin, or we really do give the lust spirits a right to then drive lust.
          Also, you may be interested in this:
          Their counseling center is here in Anchorage, but they help people all over the world via telephone. They fully understand how demons can be in Christians, and help people be free through forgiving. They mostly don’t understand the importance of tongues though. But that’s okay, as long as you don’t let them talk you out of praying in tongues as much as you need to. And if you don’t like one counselor you’re welcome to try another. It does cost money.
          I went through many sessions, myself, and found it very helpful. It’s a good way to hear what God is saying too. After almost every prayer I heard God say something, and wrote what He said down in my computer.
          I’m getting laid off at the end of this month, and plan on doing the forgiving prayers more diligently, to the degree that I’ll hopefully be able to write a song about forgiving — what God told me a few years ago to do, and was probably supposed to do it then….
          I’m not a big telephone talker, but if you think it would help….

        • I should add this.
          I am absolutely a big fan of the forgiving prayers I mentioned and how a counselor assists us to make sure we’ve forgiven everyone. However, I’m not up to date in what they know now, but I imagine it’s the same: they (and most Christians) don’t understand how James-3 curses work — how people (especially ‘Christians’) pray against us, or could even sexually desire us, putting lust demons on us that enter if we give them a place through the least bit of willful heart adultery. But there are so many other types of demons, as well as power-over prayers (James-3 curses).
          Saying the forgiving prayers really work, but we just can’t say them and call it ‘good,’ just like Jesus even verbally forgave when He was being tortured on the cross by the people He came to save. We need to keep up to date — and frankly, to me, forgiving everyone all of the time from our whole heart is the hardest thing about Christianity for me to understand and do. I know it works, though, when we do it. And to willfully not do it even jeopardizes our salvation, according to the Lords’ Prayer and the verses that follow the ‘Amen.’
          Few, including those at Wellspring understand how praying in tongues deals with demons directly, in a way in which we don’t have to know exactly what is going on — a beautiful thing.
          But I was also baffled to see that Wellspring doesn’t understand how one of the biggest sources of demons is from the James-3 curses people put on us. So they’re really good with helping us pray for those who’ve hurt us in the past, and even generational curses, but unless they’ve learned this recently, I don’t think they understand how people praying prayers that demons answer is probably the major source of demonic attacks we get daily.
          So we need to learn to forgive those who are James-3 cursing us to be free.
          I also think we should pray in tongues AND forgive, because praying in tongues doesn’t just free us, it helps the curser too — or it treats the person praying against us with the perfectly appropriate response that only God can know.
          My guess is that once ‘ONE’ happens, which is just real Christianity (Christians actually doing the two greatest commandments, being right with each other in Christ) that it will be much easier to be free. We’ll be so full of LOVE, and our fellow brothers and sisters won’t be praying against us so much, which happens to me all of the time, right now, pretty much. Instead of them getting right with those they’ve hurt, they curse the messenger.
          Which is why so many people have just given up even trying to bring about change, because they get cursed so much. But when they curse us and we pray in tongues back, then God deals with them perfectly, and we’re moving on as a people into unity.
          Anyway, that’s what I experience daily. There is so much hate out there in the ‘Christian’ community. May the real Christianity arise! Then “the world will know” (Jesus in John 17) — and fruit will remain!!!
          Jeff : )

        • Douglas, I’m also on Facebook, if you’re interested. It’s a great place to communicate. And “we need to be activists.”
          There is the “putting off,” and the “putting on.”

          Jeff : )

  3. Anonymous

    Dudes, the Gay life is a con. Sugar coated and tempting….but utterly void of peace and joy. I’ ve been gay my whole life and it is one continuous lust fest that NEVER satisfies. Like a dog chasing its tail. It robs you of so much in life. Gay’s are generally unhappy souls searching for something that will never truly satisfy. Jeff is SO right when he says that you have to go cold turkey 100%!!! And when you go cold turkey and feel the FREEDOM of living in the Spirit you never really want to turn back. The purity, peace and joy of God is beyond amazing and yes, you can feel the demons enter your heart when you sin again. The feeling is totally tangible. Demons are real!!! We are fighting a war dudes!!! Put on the armor of God. There is so much not seen to the human eye we are not aware of. Jeff is right, there is a warrant out for souls…. A death warrant. Satan wants to kill and destroy. Lust is one of his tastiest tit bits to get you there. Dudes….CATCH A WAKE UP and SUBMIT to God. He will do the rest. But it takes a strong mental attitude and prayer to resist the devil. And resist him and he will flee! James 4v7. But hold on…here’s the crunch….James 4v8….Come near to the Lord and He will come near to you. This means that YOU have to really want to make a 180 degree turnaround and submit to God. Your heart has to be 100% sincere and WILLING. If you are…and you submit to God and resist the devil you are ready to embark on a wonderfully enriched life of PEACE and JOY. Does James 4v 1-3 sound familiar? Dudes, give it up and come to your senses. A life of Peace, Joy and Victory are a few seconds away. Get on your hands and knees now and pray to God and submit your life to Him. I pray in Jesus name that this might touch your heart. God Bless. Howard Heymans, South Africa. Skype me if you would like to chat! And hey….God Loves YOU…very much!!!

    • Howard,
      Thanks for verifying from your own experience how demons affect lust. I like how you said:

      ..and yes, you can feel the demons enter your heart when you sin again. The feeling is totally tangible. Demons are real!!! We are fighting a war dudes!!!


      Your heart has to be 100% sincere and WILLING. If you are…and you submit to God and resist the devil you are ready to embark on a wonderfully enriched life of PEACE and JOY.

      Because lust is so addictive, and the temptations are everywhere, I think many never get to the lust-free place of freedom, which also includes a clear conscience and peace inside.
      So then they don’t feel that in this state of freedom, if we willfully lust again, then it’s so easy to feel how lust then becomes a driving force addiction when willful lusting allowed the demons back in.
      Jeff : )

  4. Jeff thank you again and again for an important and difficult post. All of this ‘acceptance’ in the church keeps people locked in chains which may one day be eternal. So much said on this page is so true, would God that it were required reading in the churches. Demonic influence through lust is rampant today, as is demonic influence through greed. People do the most astonishing things, when lust or greed are at work. And it can only be explained by the unsound mind that is under the influence of the evil one. The way down is exponential. The less a person resists satan, the further down they go, until their mind is reprobate, and their conscience so seared, that they no longer have a notion of right and wrong.
    As a single saint, I have been celibate for 10 years. A time or two, I was sucked into a season of lust, via the ubiquitous images online, that our eyes ought not to see. Well did David speak in his wisdom, summoned up from a lifetime of suffering, after staying his eyes on Bathsheba’s naked flesh, and letting the sin give birth in his life to murder, adultery and their foul children. In Psalm 51 he begged God’s forgiveness,.. by Psalm 101, (Verse 3) he declared the wisdom of God in the words.. “I will lead no evil before my eyes”. This is key.
    Jesus Christ himself declared that sin begins with what we permit our eyes to rest on. That’s why God gave us lids. We can choose to close our eyes, and look away. The consequences of not ‘resisting satan’.. are eternal. The Lord’s warning was profound, for saint and sinner alike.. pluck the offending eye out, or be in danger of hell fire forever.
    Prayer isn’t enough. I was in a bible meeting in Texas when a man asked for prayer. He said he was addicted to his television and wanted to be free. So people prayed for him. How silly, I thought at the time, but held my peace, since I was just a visitor. If he wanted to be free, he needed to DITCH the set. I found my IPad was the worst source of evil imagery. I took the thing worth $400 and smashed it. I didn’t even give it away. It went into the trash, and I have not had a bit of trouble since with my eyes!
    Freedom from lust is wonderful. There is nothing on earth like the ‘freedom with which Christ sets us free, where we are ‘free indeed’!
    As another writer above pointed out, it is in the verse.. Resist satan and HE will FLEE. We have to do the resisting. Like any muscle, the more it gets exercised, the easier the goal is to achieve!!
    God bless you Jeff! Your friend in Christ. Victoria

    • Very well said, Victoria!
      “Freedom from lust is wonderful.” I wonder how many “Christians” ever even experience this today, largely because of the once-saved-always-saved lie (so they don’t have to be free), but also, many “Christians” still don’t realize that demons can affect them directly, actually driving lust, and as you bring up: “the love of money” also, another type of lust.
      I know that I can easily fall into the lust trap no matter how long I’ve been truly free. It just takes one willfully lusting look — instead of looking away right away — giving the demons a place. And then it’s lust addiction all over again — so easy with what’s all over the internet now.
      I think it’s even harder for men, because of how God made us to be visual, and how beautiful God made women, but I’ve never been a woman so can’t say personally other than it’s really tough for men, and we have to treat this like it’s an all out war for our souls!
      Another factor: pastors have abandoned Paul’s Ephesian 4:11-16 standard of perfection, unity and maturity in the body of Christ. We don’t have any such churches in the USA. But I believe once ‘ONE’ happens “that the world will know” (John 17) it will be easy to overcome lust of all kinds, because we’ll be so full of the glory of God, our joy so full!
      But the Third Great Awakening hasn’t happened yet, so until then it takes super vigilance to overcome and be free!
      Thanks for commenting and sharing,

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