Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Liberty isn’t liberty from Jesus’ leadership. Liberty is liberty from defilement and darkness and the things of darkness that defile our heart. … There’s a lot of people: they want liberty from Jesus’ restraints. They want liberty from Jesus, but they want His forgiveness. That’s not a biblical Christianity.

Jesus is not talking about a high Christianity and a low Christianity. You’re going to find out in a moment He’s talking about a false Christianity with a true Christianity. He’s not talking about the high, intense ones and everyone else. He’s talking about the genuine believers and the false believers. …

He’s going to say ‘it’s really easy. You’re going after the narrow road, and you want to interact with My heart. And you and Me and what we mean together is the highest priority of your life. I am not just an insurance program for you. I am the desire and goal of your life.”

– Mike Bickle

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[youtube=]What False Teachers Teach About The Grace of God, by Mike Bickle

Yustos Anthony

Published on Jan 5, 2013

Other related teachings by Mike that I was checking out today. And Mike encourages us to see if what he says is biblical — yay! I really like Mike. He really has a heart for God; though, the above message will help bring in revival. The second message, below can actually cause people to stumble. We must be holy:

This one is also pretty good, but overcoming isn’t emphasized as much:

Matthew 7:13-14: The Narrow Gate Vs. The Broad Road, By Mike Bickle

But this teaching is kind of strange, and actually confusing. Mike says the deciding factor is to be “in the fight,” even if we’re willfully sinning and having guilty consciences as a consequence. The truth is that we must overcome in order to have clean consciences, so when we see Jesus face to face…. :

onething ’12 HD – 29 Dec 3pm – Mike Bickle – The Gospel of Grace: An Overview


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