Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

[video] 5200 PENTAGON Employees PURCHASED CHILD Pornography! Investigation was dropped! — Our military is sick to the core. But what can we expect when even most ‘Christians’ support their sins against God and humanity in our immoral wars? They know they’re doing wrong. REVERSE-Christianity is the problem; REAL Christianity is the solution.

Our military is sick to the core. But what can we expect when we order and pay them to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including children?

In their guilt, they look for a high to try to feel good, even to the point of paying for illegal child porn. What else are they doing to try to feel good?

And the government is so corrupt they stopped the investigation.

The only way to appease a guilty conscience, to feel fully good is to truly repent — become right with God and all people. Jesus will forgive any sin, but only if we sincerely and fully repent, asking  forgiveness.


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[youtube=!]5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! (Why Is This Not A Bigger Story)

Uploaded on Jun 30, 2011


[video] Mike Bickle: What FALSE TEACHERS Teach About The GRACE of God — LIBERTY isn’t liberty from Jesus’ leadership. LIBERTY is liberty from the things of darkness that defile our HEART. A lot of people want liberty from JESUS’ RESTRAINTS but they want His forgiveness. That’s not biblical Christianity.


[video] Muslim Demographics — In a matter of a few decades Muslims will dominate Europe! — ‘ONE’ needs to happen “that the world will know!”


  1. Like Sodom and Gomorrah…The Lord will not be patient much longer.

  2. casey

    we are under judgement Jeff. i’m sorry, it’s the only way that ‘one can happen’..

    • I never have accepted the idea that the only way one group of people in one place would actually do the greatest commandments was if they would know for sure they’re about to lose everything.

      I have believed that people will rise to the occasion before everything falls apart, because we can all have sound minds if we live fully in Him. But most don’t want to fully live in Christ. They want to do their own thing. And the temptations of this world, including the love of money and the pride of life are so off the charts, due to willful disobedience of now generations….

      I’ve thought we were really close to ‘ONE’ happening at times, especially here:

      Certain people could have easily started ‘ONE’ happening had they only done the right thing at certain points. But few ‘Christians,’ including church leaders are actually hearing and obeying to the degree where they would do the right thing instead of the easy, status quo thing.

      And this has just broken my heart. I can’t imagine God’s.

      I had two crystal clear and actually really long and detailed prophecies for a certain church leader. One was almost two decades ago. If he had done what God clearly said (instead of making excuses), we could have easily had revival, real Christianity happening already back then.

      Why do we have to lose America before one group of ‘Christians’ in one place actually get their act together?

      It really is doctrinal:

      • Christians can’t have demons

      • Once saved always saved

      • Old covenant tithing instead of teaching the people to be led by the Holy Spirit

      • We can worship God while not being right with our neighbor

      • Dismissing prophetic people as unnecessary — not recognizing the body…

      • James-3 cursing not even discussed, but practiced by especially pastors

      • Pastors don’t need to be ‘blameless’ according to Paul’s elders’ qualifications

      • The greatest two commandments don’t need to be the greatest

      • The 2nd greatest commandment isn’t the greatest

      • We don’t need to love those we murder and torture overseas as much as we love ourselves

      • Nor should we ever apologize to them, but 20 American children die at Sandy Hook…!!!!!!!

      To me, it’s just all so clearly upside down that why can’t one group of people actually do what God has so clearly said to do before persecution comes, big-time?

      Ephesians 4:11-16 is supposed to be the normal norm. Whey do we have to lose everything before we get there?

      In the last days, people will be willfully ignorant. And it just baffles me how true this.

      Alex Jones was talking with a guest a few days ago, who was saying that in this one person’s life, just one phone call made a gigantic difference, totally changing his situation.

      I have the template here on why ‘ONE’ isn’t happening and what is required to get it going. There have been times where one person could have done the right thing and ‘ONE’ would be on. I still think that is true. It could happen any day. But I can’t wait for a phone call.

      I need to do things I never have in order to make the likelihood of ‘ONE’ happening this year extremely likely. I think it’s possible that I could double my efforts. I’ve been praying some specific prayers lately. Most ‘Christians’ are demonized, following familiar spirits, and they don’t want to admit it. But we can help them be free by praying specifically for them in tongues. But if we don’t know how evil they’ve actually become we won’t even think of praying the required prayers.

      For example, I’ve gotten this word of knowledge for a certain person hundreds of times [not exaggerating. I’ll sometimes hear something every day until I finally understand enough]: “she has hurt many people.” But it’s taken me a long time to realize how much she has really done this to really pray the prayers that I need to pray. And then it’s still up to her, of course, because God doesn’t override a person’s free will. But we can deal with the deceptive spirits so they can at least realize….

      And just a few days ago, I finally found out from a person whom I’ve had big hopes for how deeply he’s been deceived — and is even deceiving others. This guy has a big call on his life to help real Christianity happen, but he’s fallen into deception many times worse than I though possible. So at least now I know how to pray. And God has told me to pray for him literally hundreds of times too. But I probably didn’t pray long enough, each time, not realizing how serious the deceptions were through actual evil spirits that he has been willfully following, thinking these weren’t demons, of course.

      Many don’t have a keen discernment of spirits gift, but they have the gifting for others to like them. God wants the body of Christ to be together, so those of us who can discern evil can help those who are better with people. But if they don’t want to even hear our insight then we have what we have.

      We’re supposed to recognize the body and not forsake the assembly of ourselves together. But some, now, are even making a mockery of meeting and praying together.

      ‘ONE’ is going to take more seeking God for wisdom as to what to do and pray, and then praying enough, believing that these people can be far more deceived than they let on — and probably even realize themselves.

      This is a very interesting life, Casey. When ‘ONE’ happens, I will be so happy. But at least in the meantime, this spiritual journey is incredibly interesting and even exciting. I can’t let frustrations and disappointments with certain people keep me from doing the right thing.

      We need to go vertical even more. I need to do the greatest commandment much more. So many are concentrating on the second, but we’re supposed to emphasize and do the greatest over and above the second.

      May this be the year of breakthrough.

      ‘ONE’ can happen!!! That the world will know!!!!!!!

      Jeff : )

  3. Apparently you don’t know how male sexuality works. It doesn’t register as molestation to a male brain in a dopamine induced computer porn session. Its not pretty, but its biology – Read up on it – there’s plenty of research. And even ten minutes of curiosity before you snap out of it, won’t keep you out of prison…that is unless you work for the Pentagon.

  4. To the pure, all things are pure.” To the Godless and other warped Humans anything goes in cluding Child porn and other abominations so gross that they defy rational comprehension.
    Pray for our Country, we have many mentally sick people who have lost their ability to distinguish between good and evil.

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