Very interesting to me. I loved this move of God so much! I’m so glad I got a chance to experience it while at seminary — affected my life a lot! Was so sad to see it stop, and how it never really came to Anchorage, Alaska. So disappointed to see the pastor didn’t have the same heart. : (

Interesting to hear how Carol was idealistic, whereas John was practical — together they rocked! : )

The fire went out … and is waiting to be restarted, TO THE MAX, this time, after once-saved-always-saved is out the window — people reconciled, living together in Love!

‘ONE’ will happen!!!!!!!

Jeff : )

– –

“Nobody, it seemed was just worshiping Jesus in a personal, intimate way. … Can’t we just sing to Him like we sing to Him alone?”

“John, being a musician, himself, didn’t have a hard time calling the musicians on it [strange fire] when they were trying to focus on themselves.”

“…realized we missed it somewhere. We didn’t go the whole way.”

– Carol Wimber

* * *

[youtube=]How it all started

My favorite segment — worship!!![youtube=]In this video Carol discusses worship, the philosophy the church has embrassed.

[youtube=]more about the vineyard beginnings, this video is about thoughts on the kingdome the already not yet

[youtube=]Carol shares about the Holy Spirit encounters, and the outpouring that started the movement.

[youtube=]In this video Carol talks about Power Evangelism, and how the Holy Spirit gifts are used to evangelise.

[youtube=]Carol talks about the Vineyard church’s call to the poor,which shaped the church.

[youtube=]In this video Carol talks about what her husband John would say about how this whole movement has changed people.

After repentance, “people fell in love with Jesus again”:[youtube=]Carol Wimber’s encouragement for the church, and many lessons learned.

[youtube=]funny yet hilarious outtakes from her interview with Gary Best

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