My take — I talk a lot about the real reason for US wars (that most evangelicals have supported) at

It’s partly a spiritual, anti-Christian, media crusade, no doubt, but it’s also because the globalists are dead set on regime-changing Syria, because Syria would help defend Iran when invaded by the USA/Israel. So they don’t want to jeopardize the overthrow of Syria by bringing the atrocities of the evil group we support to light.

And Syria is another sovereign country that won’t accept the globalist banking system, which was also true of the other countries we recently Bush/Cheney & Obama regime-changed. They would oppose the one-world government.

We have no business being there, supporting the overthrow of yet one more sovereign country who has done nothing to US.

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Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?
By Michael Snyder, on May 1st, 2014

Could you imagine the uproar in the mainstream media that we would see if a member of a politically favored class of people was crucified for who or what they are? There would be front page headlines for weeks. But because members of a politically favored class (Muslims) are doing it to members of a non-politically favored class (Christians), it is not newsworthy at all according to the media. In many instances, Christians are being crucified by jihadists that are actually being assisted and funded by the governments of the United States and Saudi Arabia. Yes, our tax dollars are being used to help arm and supply radical jihadists that are beheading and crucifying Christians. And yet none of the big media organizations considers this to be news.

How sick and twisted do you have to be to crucify a little child for being a Christian? Of course you never heard about this from the mainstream media, but that is exactly what happened in Syria recently…

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