When I first starting hearing God regularly (early ’80s) there would be other voices causing confusion. I found that if I brought my micro-cassette recorder to ‘Prayer and Praise’ in Bible School the other voices would flee during worship, so I could hear clearly, to then record the Holy Spirit’s still, small Voice’s words.

Worship excises demons!


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From: Prophetic Writer August 19

Worship…. Possibly our Greatest Weapon

When we worship the LORD, we place our eyes fully on Him and we see Him for who He is: All powerful. We know He can do anything and we need not be afraid of anyone. When we don’t see Him, we sink, like Peter did when he took his eyes off Jesus to look at the stormy waves.

In one particular dream, I wrestled with a demon in the spiritual realm. The demon was trying to plunge a sharp knife into my heart. I held onto his wrists as he pushed at me to kill me. In every occasion when I am in a confrontation with a demonic spirit, I rebuke it in the name of Jesus and it eventually flees. Not this time. I rebuked repeatedly, and although it wavered in strength and focus at the authority in His name, it still continued with great persistence in its efforts to plunge this knife into my heart to kill me.

As I watched the point of this razor sharp blade one inch from the skin of my chest, I thought this time it might actually kill me. I was losing strength and I knew I could no longer keep that blade from piercing into my heart.

Suddenly, the LORD took me over. He suddenly caused me to take my eyes off of this demon and his blade and to look upward toward Heaven. Then The LORD caused me to SING the NAME OF JESUS in WORSHIP!! The singing was beautiful. The more I sang the mighty name of JESUS, the more of His power and love and AWESOMENESS I felt. I began to be lifted up in flight and the demon lost all strength to hold onto me. He fell away from me and was gone. He wasn’t my problem anymore, but God’s. I just sang the name of JESUS and woke up. …


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