My response:

It seems that “Christian” Zionists’ replacement of Jesus’ Greatest Two Commandments with Genesis 12:3: “Bless ‘Israel’ to get blessed” (though the passage actually is referring to Abraham) is a major reason that the people of America are no longer great. Ron Paul was amazed that the evangelicals opposed him because Ron was actually a peacemaker, whom Jesus said his followers would be called in Mt. 5.

Most evangelicals seem to get their marching orders from FOX News, instead of the HOLY Spirit. It looks like they’re trying to push Trump into bombing Iran. And they don’t care about US arming the rebels to overthrow Libya and Syria, and our post-9/11 overt wars too.

The biggest problem in America seems to be that most “Christians” are no longer real Christians, according to what the Bible really says Christians must be.

EVANGELICALS’ LEGACY: Biggest WARMONGERS! – 2005-6 Gallup Poll: Protestants and Frequent Churchgoers Most Supportive of Iraq War — Least supportive are non-Christians and people with no religion 

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