Zachary King is a former Illuminati high wizard, turned Catholic. He’s an expert on witchcraft; though, some of his Catholic solutions are not Biblical.

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From: Zachary King on Facebook, 2/24/17

For those of you who wonder if Donald Trump is on the side of [G]od…Think back to when Barack Obama was elected president. Witches and Satanists kept silent because he was their president. Are you aware that the Satanic Temple backed Hillary Clinton when she ran for president? Not just financially, but through ads, commercials, and rallies.

And most recently the Satanists and the Witches showed up at the Women’s Rally in Washington DC. Were you aware of that minor rally? It was the rally one week before the massive +600k members of the March for Life. You remember the one the Vice President spoke at?

For those of you unfamiliar with the spell, It is designed to prevent or block Donald Trump from completing anything he tries to do for this country. In a poster for the spell event, Witches are being recruited to not just block Donald Trump, but all who support him. I have reviewed the spell and it is authentic. …


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