Really important; though, some parts may be confusing. Having prayed in tongues many thousands of hours since 1981, and having studied this in-depth myself, I’d be glad to answer any questions.

I also have a Pray Perfectly in Tongues category here at ONEcanhappen, that has my posts on this important and maligned subject.

Having had thousands of confirmations, I personally believe that the main purpose of praying in tongues is to deal with demons in a way that we don’t have to see what’s actually going on — because if we saw the demons we’re dealing with we’d probably freak!


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Beth @25:50, transcribed by me:

“We have to learn how to trust Him, and know that He’s safe, and that the gift is safe.

The Devil does not want people to have or use any of the gifts of the Spirit, especially tongues, because tongues is that powerful. And that is why there are so many widespread lies and misunderstandings about tongues. Because if the Devil can strip that away from us then we have lost a piece of the armor of God, we have lost a mighty and powerful weapon to defeat the Devil, which is why we’re here. We’re here to partner with Jesus and kick the Devil’s butt!

So of course, he’s going to try and stop that.”

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From: Charisma Magazine

Ex-Witch Breaks Down the Power Speaking and Praying in Tongues Holds

Ex-witch Beth Eckert says one of the key ways to defeat the devil when he launches an attack is to speak and pray in tongues.

However, many Christians today do not believe these are active gifts meant for modern use.

“Recently, I’ve decided to explore more in-depth about what speaking in tongues is versus praying in tongues and what Scripture says about those things, because I’ve seen so much controversy on the topic of speaking in tongues,” Eckert says.

The ex-witch says most of her research comes straight from 1 Corinthians 14, which dictates how and why these gifts should be used.

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Speaking In Tongues & Praying In Tongues: A Biblical Guide