When considering that God is just and that He will avenge, ‘Christians’ in America who support our illegal regime-change wars should shudder: 1) for supporting the murder and terror of millions, and how this destroys one’s own soul spiritually, and 2) how God will allow the USA to be destroyed for what we’ve done to others in His name — being led by the flesh, not by the Spirit — life outside of the Son. 🙁

Note: Michael is not a Christian, probably mainly because what he’s seen ‘Christians’ do in Jesus’ name.

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“Nowhere is a country allowed under any kind of international law or the UN charter to decide what government another nation will have. … Everyone has a right to self determination. Everyone has a right to choose the government they want to have. This label: ‘the internationally approved government’ is a hoax. It’s a fraud. It’s to try and make it look like there is some legitimacy to this imposed, puppet-ruler government that is being forced upon the people of Yemen at the point of a bayonet. … There is no legal justification for it whatsoever.” – Michael Rivero

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