Francis Chan, transcribed by me:

“When I look at Paul’s life, and he goes around telling everyone he can — people are beating him up, spitting on him, stoning him, whipping him, whatever, but he wasn’t going to stop. I look at that, I go: ‘see, but that makes sense.’ Don’t you look at his life and go: ‘in light of hell, his life makes sense.’ Right? And that’s what bugs me. His life makes sense, because if I really believed in a literal hell….”

One person commented:

Chan was talking about Penn of Penn and Teller, I believe. Ive seen where someone from Way of the Master talked to Penn and that was his response, about how much do you hate someone not to tell them about hell.

Paul “always having a conscience void of offense toward God and men(Acts 24:16) also makes sense in light of hell. His conscience needed to be clear for his own salvation, as well as to be qualified to lead others.

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Francis Chan – Jesus warned the world about hell Sermon jam

Published on Feb 4, 2017