(video) Francis Chan: Praying like Paul prayed – for others!

Excellent message except: God does not make sure we won’t walk away though, starting @18:30. Many truly born-again people are doing exactly that — not making sure they’re right with God and men — keeping our hearts pure, our consciences clean.
God allows us to willfully sin and not repent; though, it will grieve His heart. Those who do this become prodigal. God eagerly waits for them/us to return, but He won’t make us serve Him.
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The Church In The End Days – Francis Chan

Published on Oct 7, 2016

Website: http://www.brministry.org
We are becoming more and more like the world around us. The warning in then end days is being seen in the “typical” churches. We are seeing families are falling apart, teens are out of control, parents are faced with addictions. How in the world does a Pastor lead this congregation to glorify God. This message is to encourage and challenge pastors. All Rights belong to Francis Chan

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