Jewish extremists have attacked and burned at least 53 Christian churches and Muslim mosques in Israel since 2009—but there is no international media outcry unlike what would be the case had 53 synagogues been similarly burned by non-Jews anywhere in the world.
In fact, the controlled media in Europe and America even refuses to report on the mass attacks by Jews upon non-Jewish religious buildings in Israel, and the attacks have only come to light after the Haaretz newspaper in Israel mentioned them.
In an article titled “53 Mosques and Churches Vandalized in Israel Since 2009, but Only 9 Indictments Filed,” the Jewish newspaper blandly asserts that the “many unsolved crimes are a question of police priorities” . . . “Without a doubt, they aren’t looking hard enough”—in other words, they don’t really care about attacks on non-Jews.
According to the Haaretz even though over 50 Christian and Muslim sites have been vandalized in Israel and the West Bank since 2009, but only nine indictments have been filed and only seven convictions handed down, according to Public Security Ministry data.
“Moreover, only eight of the 53 cases are still under investigation, with the other 45 all closed.”
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